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Transforming Reality

I have long said “our perception creates our reality, therefore, we have the power to change the future”. So many elements in our daily life affect our perception.

Last Sunday morning, I decided to shake up my routine. My kids were with their other parent so I had the luxury of deciding how I would spend my morning. If walking through your neighborhood early on a Sunday morning is new to you, it’s like a whole new world. I decided to get up and to get out, and I walked around the neighborhood listening to a podcast. I listened to Invisibilia on NPR, episode Reality: Part 2. I had no idea how related it would be to that morning’s experiences.

I had an explicit desire and intent to look at the things and the people around me in a different light.  The houses I’ve walked past hundreds of times but never really looked at. The people milling about doing their Sunday morning things. I walked past lots of smiles and friendly people. One guy stopped me and said,“are you my neighbor?”. He shook my hand smiled and we wished each other a good day.

This was similar to an experience I’d had days before. We have a little free library in our front yard. My daughters and I have long wanted one and it is such a joy to have. While working on the front porch (perks of being an entrepreneur who works from home), I had the pleasure of seeing our mail carrier looking, slightly confused, at our library. She finally spoke up and asked if the books were really free and if they needed to be returned. I explained that, yes, they were free and, no, they did not need to be returned. She went on to share that her four-year-old granddaughter was visiting for the summer and she wanted to take some books to her. I helped her pick out several books and she went on with her job but it made my day!

This led me to wonder; what happens if you step out of your bubble? If you step out of your routine and the things that you always do and look at things from a different perspective. What happens if you shake it up? What if you wake at a completely different hour? Go for a walk or sit in a random coffee shop or talk to a stranger. Your perception creates your reality. So you have the opportunity to change the future, but what if your reality creates your perception? If you can change your reality can your perception change?

Are you stuck in a creative rut? Are you feeling down? Are you not sure what’s next? Let me suggest shaking it up a bit. Do something different. This isn’t a new concept, Tony Robbins goes into a cold plunge pool when he’s lost his creative mojo. Lots of people try something different, get up from their desk, or go for a walk. But all of that is somewhat within the confines of your routine. What I’m suggesting is something that is completely out of your normal wheelhouse. Maybe you’ll find something you’d like to add into your routine. Maybe you will be struck with your next great idea… you never know. How about you give it a try?

Share with us how you’re going to shake it up. Why might you want to try something different? Are you stuck and looking to create change or transform into the next great thing? If so, the best way to do that is by trying something new.

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