Hi, I’m Heather Vickery!

Transformational success coach

I’m here to help you come home to yourself, break the rules, and belong to yourself first.

STEP ONE: The SPARK Collective

Your cozy on-demand corner to ignite your intuition, boost your self-awareness, supercharge your self-confidence, and let your authentic self shine effortlessly. 

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3. Human Design Reading

Unearth your true essence and empower yourself to elevate and expand, in sustainable and aligned ways. Live into your most authentic self with Human Design.

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4. Dream Catalyst Session

A transformative experience designed to propel you towards your dreams and goals by harnessing the power of subconscious reprogramming.

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2. Creating Abundance Challenge

Multiply your abundance in infinite ways. This challenge is an easy, approachable, and fun way to create space for alignment and sustainable wellbeing. 

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1. The SPARK Collective

STEP TWO: Creating Abundance Challenge

STEP THREE: Human Design Reading

STEP FOUR: Dream Catalyst Session

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