I'm here to help you break the rules!

Life and Business transformational coaching and personalized success strategies
with The BRAVE Method™ created by me - Heather Vickery!

Business and life transformational coaching and personalized success strategies with The BRAVE Method™ created by me - Heather Vickery!

You don't have to follow the "rules"
if they don't elevate your life.

You’ve spent your whole life belonging everyone and everything else.

What’s possible if you chose to belong to yourself first? Let me explain … Belonging to yourself is about embracing and honoring your authentic self. It means recognizing that you are unique and valuable just as you are, without needing to conform to societal expectations or the opinions of others. Belonging to yourself means being true to your values, desires, and passions, and living in alignment with that truth. It involves self-acceptance, self-compassion, self-love, and self-empowerment, allowing you to make choices and live a life that works for you rather than against you. By belonging to yourself, you prioritize your own well-being and happiness, fostering a sense of inner harmony and fulfillment. In order to get there you're going to have to break a few rules along the way. But don't worry, you won't have to do it alone.

That’s the type of magical shit I’m talking about.

Are you excited yet?

Stop settling. Start leveling up.

I can help. Here’s how:

Group Coaching

Private Coaching

Motivational Speaking

A transformative coaching experience that empowers you to achieve personal and professional success in community. Through Heather’s custom Belong to Yourself curriculum, group coaching, personalized guidance, and accountability, participants gain clarity, develop strategies, and take actionable steps towards their goals. Fosters community, growth, and collaboration, while gaining the tools and support needed to elevate and expand personally and professionally.

Private Coaching

Coaching should compliment your life, not complicate it. Discover the verity of coaching experiences designed to meet you're needs and lifestyle. All programs include Heather’s custom coaching platform, The BRAVE Method and integrates Human Design, NLP, Positive Psychology and more. Whether you have a lot of time to commit to your transformational journey or you’re looking for a way to dip your toe in and simply start, there’s something here for you.

Motivational Speaking

Heather Vickery is an experienced and engaging keynote speaker who brings valuable insights and practical strategies for personal and professional growth. Her dynamic speaking style, authentic storytelling, and relatable approach captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact. Heather's passion for helping other’s learn to like and trust themselves, dedication to authenticity, and focus on embracing true potential make her an excellent choice to inspire and motivate attendees at your event.

Looking for a fun and easy way to start your transformation?

Manifestation Power Hour

An unmissable (free) event that offers a transformative experience for individuals seeking to take control of their destiny and manifest their deepest desires. This free monthly gathering provides a unique opportunity to tap into the immense power of manifestation. Through grounding experiences, guided conversation, and a supportive community, you'll discover tools and techniques to unlock your true potential and create a life of abundance and fulfillment. Whether you're seeking personal growth, inspiration, or connection with like-minded individuals, the Manifestation Power Hour is the perfect platform to ignite the fire within and embark on a journey of self-discovery. The first Friday of Every month!

Abundance Challenge

This is a self guided 5-day journey to help you cultivate a mindset of abundance and attract positive experiences into your life. Receive video content every day, for 5 days, and a guided workbook with different ways to cultivate creative abundance. You’ll discover a series of guided activities, exercises, and reflections that will encourage you to shift your focus from scarcity to abundance, unlocking your potential for joy, success, and fulfillment. The Abundance Challenge will help you open up to a world of possibilities and develop the tools to manifest abundance in all areas of your life.

The Incubator is one of the most incredible coaching experiences I've ever had the privilege of being a part of. This one of a kind experience combines community, coaching, accountability, support, and learning as you've never seen them before. New cohort begins August 2023.

So get ready. It’s gonna be epic.

Whether you’ve worked with me before or just discovered me for the first time, this program is for you. Why? Because you're no longer who you used to be and not quite who you're going to be. It's time to like and trust yourself as you are today, in this very moment. Come home to yourself. Belong to yourself. These "radical" ideas are just part of how we're breaking the rules!

Together we will apply my BRAVE Method ™ to manifesting and maximizing the life you’ve always dreamed of - and beyond! I also use Human Design, NLP, Positive Psychology and other learning modalities to support you in unique, customized ways.

This coaching experience is designed to focus your purpose, help build direction, clarify vision and manifest for the highest good. Even better, it's done in collaboration and community with other's on the same journey.

Creative Unfolding

Getting all the juicy details before everyone else?

Access to registration before the general public (which is a BFD because we have a limited number of spaces!)?

Getting extra delicious bonuses available only to those on the waitlist?

Invest in yourself

If you're ready to break the rules and come home to yourself, Heather has a coaching experience
perfect for You!

Imagine the Possibilities

if you decided to live into yourself, trust yourself and really show up in the world!

Many people (even successful people!) let fear stop them from going after their heart’s strongest desires and living as their truest selves. They follow the rules and belong to everyone except themselves.

Or they do go for it and chase their dreams but then spend all of their valuable time and energy trying to quench and conquer their fear, questing themselves and worrying about doing it “right” (hint, there's no right way to do anything!).

Thus, unnecessarily slowing the progress toward their ultimate goals.

This doesn't have to be you!

You can choose a different path, a better path.

I can help you transform your fear into fierceness, break the rules, and come home to yourself in a way that makes you the the strongest, healthiest foundation for yourself and everyone else.

Let’s put your most precious resources toward building your dreams rather than ignoring your fears because we know fear is a natural part of the process.

I’m proof positive that it’s possible to start wherever you are and make it to wherever you desire being – so are the hundreds of successful AND happy clients I’ve helped through my books, podcasts, coaching, speaking … Get to know me!

Book a discovery call via the link below.

How does this sound ...


Working with Heather always incudes

Human Design: 

Each private coaching packing starts with a custom Human Design session to help you understand how you're innately designed to live in and experience the world. You'll learn how you best make decisions, what your unique gifts are, what you're here to do in the world and so much more. Human Design is all about living into yourself, not living up to anything. This is powerful work when it comes to learning to like and trust yourself. Having this information as a foundational resource helps Heather coach you in the most aligned way and powerfully connects you with your truest self.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing):

NLP is a psychological approach that explores the connections between our neurological processes (neuro), language patterns (linguistic), and learned behaviors (programming). NLP techniques and strategies aim to understand and change the way you think, communicate, and behave on a subconscious level in order to achieve specific goals and improve overall well-being. This is where we as a team (coach and client) partner actionable steps with subconscious reprograming for a full bodied approach to elevation, growth and change.

Positive Psychology: 

This approach focuses on understanding and enhancing human well-being, happiness, and optimal functioning. It emphasizes the study of positive emotions, and strengths, and seeks to promote resilience, positive relationships, and personal growth. This isn’t about toxic positivity, it’s about shifting our energy and mindset away from what’s not working into what is, or could be working. Positive psychology examines what makes life worth living and how you can best thrive. Through this work we will explore things like gratitude, mindfulness, character strengths, and positive experiences to help you cultivate a fulfilling life, build resilience, and achieve your full potential. By shifting the focus from pathology to positive aspects we tap into practical strategies and interventions to enhance overall well-being and flourish.

The BRAVE Method:

This is Heather's custom coaching method to help you problem solve, dream, design and actually have a life and a business you're madly in love with. BRAVE is an acronym for Boundaries, The Three Rs (reassessment, reframing and resilience), Action and Accountability, Vulnerability, Expansion and Empowerment. Get more information on The BRAVE Method below.

I have the secret formula for building your best life and I want to share it with you… for FREE!

No more holding back, no more second-guessing yourself. You can’t get where you want to go if you don’t know where it is. Ready to dream without barriers? Grab the free Dreamscaping Mini Course now and kick start your journey towards manifesting beyond your wildest dreams.

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Hey love, I'm Heather Vickery

And when it comes to rethinking what you want out of life, I've got a bit of experience.

You know those stories of people walking away from a completely “dream” life to start over? Well…I did that!

Now as a success and leadership coach I help others navigate the The Brave Leap to building the life and business they've always imagined but didn’t know how to obtain..

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