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Business and life transformational coaching and personalized success strategies
with The BRAVE Method™ created by me - Heathery Vickery!

You don’t have to compromise your life for your business or your business for your life.

With The BRAVE Method™ you can have your cake and enjoy eating it too!

Stop settling. Start up-leveling.

I’m proof positive that it’s possible to start wherever you are and make it to wherever you desire being - so are the hundreds of successful AND happy clients I’ve helped through my books, podcasts, coaching, speaking…
and now I’ve developed a BRAND NEW PROGRAM!


A New Vickery and Co 16-Week Entrepreneurial Incubator
That You Won’t Want To Miss

I’m just putting the last couple of finishing touches on but I’ll be ready to share all the details with you soon. Coming September 2022.

So get ready. It’s gonna be epic.

Whether you’ve worked with me before or just discovered me for the first time, this program is for you.

Together we will apply my BRAVE Method ™ to manifesting and maximizing the life you’ve always dreamed of - and beyond!

How does this sound ...

Getting all the juicy details before everyone else?

Access to registration before the general public (which is a BFD because we have a limited number of spaces!)?

Getting extra delicious bonuses available only to those on the waitlist?

I have the secret formula for building your best life and I want to share it with you… for FREE!

My breakthrough system, The BRAVE Method™, can help you get off the hamster wheel and start creating your own forward motion.

If you’re ready for that, I’ll give you a free Introductory Guide to The BRAVE Method™ right now so you can start designing the life and business you desire.

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Plus get updates from Vickery and Co!

Build bigger, bolder, braver - the way you’ve always wanted to.

Any people (even successful people!) let fear stop them from going after their heart’s strongest desires and living as their truest selves.

Or they do go for it but then spend all of their valuable time and energy trying to quench and conquer their fear, unnecessarily slowing the progress toward their ultimate goals.

You can choose a different path, a better path.

I can help you transform your fear into fierceness.

Let’s put your most precious resources toward building your dreams rather than ignoring your fears because we know fear is a natural part of the process. Get to know me!

Book a discovery call via the link below.

The authenticity of The BRAVE Method™ will cut through the clutter and give you the tools you need to maintain strength, create connections, and optimize opportunities that come your way each day.

Stop floundering and start flourishing.

I can help. Here’s how:

Brave Entrepreneur Incubator

A transformational expansion program for fellow entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and strategists to up-level your life AND your business through the honesty, accountability, and expertise of The BRAVE Method™



Whether as a keynote speaker or panelist, with groups of any size, in formal or informal settings, I offer customizable topics to inspire and entertain.


A day-long, one-on-one coaching session designed to banish self-doubt and bypass overwhelm. Get familiar with my unique coaching approach and set up new actionable strategies, then get to thriving faster with this personalized, short-term intensive.

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