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If it's transforming my life, I'm confident it can have a positive impact on yours too.

One thing has always remained constant in my life - when I'm passionate about something, I can't help but share it with everyone I meet, shouting it from the rooftops. If it's transforming my life, I'm confident it can have a positive impact on yours too.

Listed below are some trusted resources with which I have affiliate relationships. It's important to me to maintain integrity in all my recommendations. I only endorse products that I have not only tested but wholeheartedly stand behind.


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Self Care & Healing

Mindset can only carry you so far! I adore collaborating with my NLP and Hypnosis mentor, Julie Costa. She's incredibly grounded and authentic.

If you're seeking quick, effective methods to prioritize self-care, more wealth and abundance, more aligned clients, and more, I highly recommend exploring Julie’s Activate Membership. Gain entry to a comprehensive collection of HypnoBreathwork sessions, Hypnosis, and subliminal recordings inside Activate. And if you're interested in becoming certified in NLP, EFT Tapping, Time Techniques, Hypnosis, and Success Coaching, secure a coveted spot in Julie's Anchored Certification Program (the very training I completed!).

HypnoBreathwork, Subliminal Reprogramming, and NLP Certifications

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I've been on a journey of self-awareness and healing for quite some time, but everything changed dramatically when I discovered Somatic Healing. These exercises feel like a comforting embrace, enabling me to actively engage in my self-compassion and self-care practices. Surprisingly, they're quite easy to do (and believe me, I'm not one for working out), even from the cozy confines of my own bed. Within just a week, I found myself eagerly waking up, looking forward to starting my day with a Somatic Workout.

My guide and mentor on this journey is The Workout Witch. Use the button below to save 10% on your purchase or use discount code HEATHER-VICKERYANDCO at checkout.

Somatic Healing

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Business Tools

I've never been a huge fan of marketing, but that all changed when I crossed paths with Sarah Weiss from On Brand By Sarah. She's a whiz on TikTok and Instagram, approaching things with refreshing candor and authenticity. Her content is not about being "Instagram worthy" but about being genuine and real. Finally, a social media approach that doesn't make me cringe!

I decided to join Sarah’s Cozy Content Corner membership and have been so pleased by the results. Not only am I seeing tangible improvements, but I'm also enjoying the process of learning and experimenting on both TikTok and Instagram.

TikTok and Instagram organic marketing

Come join me in this cozy little corner of the internet!

These are the systems, tools and resources that we personally use here at Vickery and Co. We love them and are excited to share them with you.

Supplements for People Who Menstruate

Being a person who menstruates has its challenges (to say the least) and I’m grateful to have discovered Semaine Supplements. I love how I feel when taking these supplements and I can completely get behind what the company stands for. They are all about helping people feel healthy and vibrant on their cycle and beyond. I especially like the Peri Menopause supplements. The founders of Semaine are wellness warriors who share a passion for equitable health. They are BIPOC-owned, Cruelty-free, Eco-friendly, Vegan/Plant-based, Woman-owned, Sustainable.

Learn more about how they started and get the 8th grade health class we all deserved in this interview we did with Semaine co-founder, Lauren Lee Crane on Was it Chance.

Check out the entire semaine line

Kind Cotton

All my favorite sweatshirts and t-shirts are from Kind Cotton. Kindness is a basic human right we should all agree on, but it must go beyond pleasantries.

The founders of Kind Cotton believe in kindness rooted in justice and action. They challenge us to do better and use our voices for change, striving to create a kinder world.

I love their mission as much as their products. They donate an inclusive book through the Kind Cotton Reading Program with every purchase, making it the heart of their business. Support this socially conscious, woman-owned business with a 10% discount through the button below or use code HEATHER_VICKERYANDCO

Check out the inspiring interview I did with Kaitlin Johnstone, co-founder of Kind Cotton, on The Brave Files Podcast. Kaitlin's story and mission are incredibly empowering and will leave you feeling inspired. Listen here.

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Favorite Products

Cacao Isn't
Just For Retreats

Cocoa doesn’t have to be just for special occasions. I love Ora Cacao products for their heart-opening, gently energizing, and uplifting qualities. They're perfect for boosting your mood, providing gentle energy, enhancing creativity, and aiding in meditation. Plus, they're delicious and a great alternative to coffee. I sometimes mix a little Ora Cacao into my coffee for an extra serotonin boost. These products are USDA certified organic, sourced ethically and directly from small family farms, third-party tested for metals, and free from sugar, vegan, keto, GMOs, soy, and gluten.

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