your roadmap to unleashing your potential and writing your own success story

No bluffing, no fixing – just you, playing your best hand ever.
Let's shuffle up and deal!

Remember when the coolest kids had a secret handshake? Well, imagine if that handshake could unlock a vault of personal and professional treasure! My mom once learned a nifty trick at the blackjack tables in Vegas called the "Power Press" – a winning strategy that was all about playing smarter, not harder. Now, while we won't be hitting the casinos, I'm dealing you in on a different kind of strategy – one that's a sure bet for your self-growth.

Step into the accelerator and emerge with the keys to unlock your personal and professional revolution. Because, baby, it’s time to step out of the shadows and be the leading actor in your own life.

Just like that Pit Boss who helped my mom, I’d like to help you win a whole lot more often.

I like you, and I want to help you win.

Why The Human Design Accelerator is the Key to Unlock Your Transformation:

FIVE WEEKs of self-discovery

This immersive self-exploration experience offers a journey of rapid transformation and lasting rewards.

unlock your inner compass

With Human Design as your guide, you'll uncover a wealth of personal insights, like finding the perfect key to a hidden treasure.

Expert Guidance at Every Turn

You’re going to like having a coach in your corner! Get regular reassessment tools and resources to ensure your growth strategy is on point. Think of it as your personal guide, helping your navigate your path and make the most of your unique design.

Consistent Check-Ins for Continuous Wins

This isn't a one-time fix. Regular check-ins, community support, and access to Coach Heather for questions and guidance will help fine-tune your approach and achieve lasting success. Our exclusive Telegram group provides a safe space to connect and learn from others on their Human Design journeys.

strategic action

Forget aimless wandering. This program focuses on strategic, impactful actions that leave you richer in knowledge and empowered to create the life you desire.

Exclusive Insider's Offer

Secure your tailored Human Design Reading from Heather at a 50% discount. This will be your foundation for building your personalized success strategy.


Get free access to The SPARK Collective while your enrolled in the Accelerator

Human Design is a powerful journey of self-discovery, but what if old patterns and limiting beliefs are holding you back? The Human Design Accelerator goes beyond just knowing your type. We combine Human Design education with powerful subconscious reprogramming techniques like NLP, EFT tapping, and hypnosis to help you shatter those limitations and step into your true potential.

Together, we'll help you replace self-doubt with unshakeable confidence, cultivate healthy relationships, and embrace the superpowers that lie dormant within you. Learn to experience lasting self-love and anchor yourself in positive states of being. The Human Design Accelerator is your key to unlocking the life you were meant to live, a life of alignment, fulfillment, and living your truth according to your Human Design.

Bring your newfound understanding to the workplace. Discover how to leverage your strengths and navigate professional challenges with ease.

thrive in your career

Gain insights into how you interact with others based on Human Design. Build stronger, more fulfilling connections in all areas of your life.

Strengthen relationships

Shed the façade and step into your truth with the confidence of a high roller. This is your opportunity to really get to know, like and trust yourself.

embrace authenticity

Learn the key traits that set you apart by understanding Human Design and how it can impact every facet of your life.

Unveil Your Unique Edge

The Accelerator
Empowers You To...

Piece together your insights and actions into a master strategy for success, making sure every move is intentional and aligned with your unique design.

craft your master plan

Ready to unlock your potential and step into the life you were meant to live?


Imagine a secret that could unlock a world of personal and professional riches — that's the power of Human Design, and it's no longer a secret. Welcome to The Human Design Accelerator, your five-week journey to self-mastery and success using the unique blueprint of who you are. It's about leveraging your natural strengths, no pretense needed. Get ready to shine as the star of your own story.

Unlock Your Potential with The Human Design Accelerator


"My Human Design experience with Heather was like nothing I have ever experienced before."

"Like so many others, I'm always interested and intrigued by opportunities to self-examine and make more insightful discoveries. That is precisely what Heather helped me accomplish. Many things where confirmations, many more were pieces of new information that made sense to my body, mind, and heart as I listened and learned. In fast, one particular section reinforced my courage in certain ways and for that I am extremely grateful."


Actor & Activist


  • Live Sessions Each Week
  • Customized Workbook

  • Weekly reflection and reassessment opportunities
  • Coach-on-Call access during the Accelerator
  • Telegram Community for support
  • BONUS: Free access to The SPARK Collective during the Accelerator 

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    "Like so many others, I'm always interested and intrigued by opportunities to self-examine and make more insightful discoveries. That is precisely what Heather helped me accomplish. Many things where confirmations, many more were pieces of new information that made sense to my body, mind, and heart as I listened and learned. In fast, one particular section reinforced my courage in certain ways and for that I am extremely grateful."

    "My Human Design experience with Heather was like nothing I have ever experienced before."


    Actor & Activist


    "For years I have been conflicted. I had tried all the talk therapy one can have, behavior modification, and habit building, but I could not overcome my urge to overeat and binge. So I was so happy to have the opportunity to work with Heather to do parts integration. To help my parts see that they had the same goal in mind, they just couldn’t see each other. Heather held space for my parts integration with such patience and understanding. I felt held and was overcome with warmth through the process and became very emotional at the integration."

    "For the first time in more than 40 years, I feel whole. And for that I owe so much gratitude to Heather"



    "Before working with Heather I had this strong belief that my coaching business will never be able to support me financially. After working with Heather to release this belief through subconscious reprogramming, I now feel with 100% certainty that I KNOW that it is inevitable that my coaching business will definitely support me financially. Heather helped me to release a pattern of behavior that was keeping me in hustle mode and not enjoying my life outside of my work. The process felt easy and light. She is a truly gifted coach and I highly recommend working with Heather if you, too, desire to be free of limiting beliefs and behaviors and unleash your fullest potential."

    "Heather allowed me to feel safe and supported throughout the entire process"



    "She possesses the ability to recognize and tap into your potential, challenging you in a positive manner. With her expertise and experience, Heather facilitates transformative sessions that guide you towards your truth. Using Human Design, she empowers you to understand and utilize your unique superpowers, instilling confidence for progress in life. If you seek improved self-esteem and a supportive ally to accelerate goal achievement, Heather is the ideal choice."

    "Heather is the perfect partner for personal growth, providing a safe environment and a boost in energy."

    SARAH G.


    "I learned so much about myself like what I am naturally great at and why, what life strategy I need to use, what could create friction if I don't follow my natural strengths and strategy in interpersonal relationships, and even what kind of environment I'd thrive in and why... all based on my birth information!"

    "Heather blew my mind with a beautifully prepared Human Design report, completely customized for me."



    "From the moment she introduced me to Human Design, I was captivated. It not only affirmed what I already knew about myself but also provided a newfound clarity that was both refreshing and enlightening. Heather's enthusiasm and expertise in Human Design shine through in her approach. She delves deep into the intricacies of your chart creating a comprehensive presentation that offers profound insights. Her guidance on how to best integrate this knowledge into your life is invaluable."

    "I've had astrological charts read in the past, but my experience with Heather and her Human Design reading was truly eye-opening."

    LILY C.


    "When Heather shared that I'm a 'yes' or 'no' and not a 'maybe', it made so much sense! There have been so many decisions in my life that I can name when I knew what my gust response was, but I created a 'maybe' in order to appease whomever was on the other side of the request. I'll never question my gut again. I literally know what FEELS right or wrong, and there won't be anymore wavering. It feels good to be given this type of information about myself and that moving forward I can operate from my heart... always."

    "It's incredible to know that from the day we were born, we are destined to be who we are today."

    RENEE W.


    "Human Design is complex, especially if you want to use that self-knowledge to improve or even transform your life for the better. You need an expert eye and kind heart to walk you through a vast amount of information in a digestible way. I recommend Heather in a heartbeat!"

    "Don't be fooled by free stuff on the internet. Heather is the real deal."

    "I've often had other people seem baffled that I get involved in so many things, and it has made me question those choices myself. It was so helpful to hear in my Human Design session that this is really just how I'm wired and how I am meant to be in this world. It was fascinating to reframe my thinking about myself and to realize how much of who I am is a part of my Human Design chart and not necessarily how I was raised or things that have happened to me and (I thought!) shaped me throughout my life so far. Looking forward to holding this knowledge close going forward!"

    "My Human Design reading with Heather was so affirming"



    "I felt as if though she was handing me the missing piece to the complex puzzle of my life. Suddenly, everything makes sense. Heather helped me realize the power I have within to silence all of those negative voices that surround me. And the strength I have in my own voice. I’m ready to take on the world. Fuck yeah!"

    "Doing a Human Design reading with Heather was such an empowering experience!"



    "I've had the opportunity to work with Heather several times and each time has been such a gift. Not only is Heather a master of Human Design, she has the ability to make you feel seen. With her energy, insight and experience she was able to hold a wonderfully supportive space for me. This enabled me to more effectively work through professional and personal challenges that were preventing me from achieving my goals. With her help and guidance I was able to remove those subconscious roadblocks and set myself on a clearer path to success! I highly recommend working with Heather!"

    "Not only is Heather a master of Human Design, she has the ability to make you feel seen."



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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Human Design is a modern self exploration designed to help you live into yourself and expand. There’s never anything to “fix” or “change” about yourself in Human Design - it’s all about knowing yourself better. Human Design offers profound insights into your personality and potential. It can guide you in making decisions that are aligned with your true self, leading to a more authentic and fulfilling life.

    Anyone seeking personal growth, self-awareness, and a desire to leverage their innate strengths both personally and professionally. Whether you're a seasoned self-improvement enthusiast or new to the world of personal development, this program is designed to offer valuable insights for all.

    The Human Design Accelerator includes live weekly sessions, a customized workbook, weekly reflection and reassessment opportunities, Coach-on-Call access during the program, a supportive Telegram community, and a bonus of free access to The SPARK Collective during the Accelerator.

    Sessions are held online (via Zoom) once a week for an hour and a half, allowing for interactive participation and real-time guidance from Heather.

    Each session will be recorded, so you can catch up at your convenience. Plus, with ongoing support in our Telegram community and direct access to Heather, you won't miss a beat.

    In addition to the live sessions, you'll have Coach-on-Call access for any questions or guidance you need, as well as a collaborative Telegram group for peer support and community engagement.

    Expect to dedicate time to the live sessions, personal reflections, workbook exercises, and community interactions. The more you engage, the more you'll gain from the experience.

    It's your direct line to Heather for personalized guidance throughout the Accelerator. Whether you have a quick question or need in-depth support, Heather is just a Telegram message away.

    The SPARK Collective is an exclusive group that offers additional resources, support, and connection with others on their self-expansion journey. As part of the Accelerator, you get free access to this vibrant community.

    If you're curious about how to align your actions with your authentic self, improve your relationships, and boost your career using the insights of Human Design, then this Accelerator is a perfect fit. It's designed to empower you to be the best version of yourself.

    Refunds are not available, however, if you have a situation arise that prevents you from participating in the Accelerator we can discuss applying your payments toward a different product offered by Heather Vickery

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