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Asking Clarifying Questions

When it comes to taking radical responsibility for yourself there’s one thing that can make an instant and transformative difference … Asking clarifying questions!

Let me assure you I learned this the hard way. When I was younger I played innocent “I didn’t know,” “you never told me!” Always placing blame on everyone else and never taking responsibility for my part of the conversation. If you want something to happen, ask clarifying questions. If you want information, ask clarifying questions.

Have you ever felt a conversation just click into place when you’ve asked the right thing? Or experienced that ‘aha’ moment when you see yourself and your choices in a whole new light? That’s the power we’re tapping into, especially when it’s aligned with the principles of Human Design. It’s about so much more than just getting answers. It’s about connecting with the core of who you are, understanding your innate nature, and interacting with the world in a way that truly honors that.

In this episode of my live show, we’re exploring the power of asking clarifying questions and how embracing them can help you know, like and trust yourself  – take radical responsibility for yourself and have significantly more control over your own life.

We’ll talk about how asking the right questions can peel away layers, revealing truths about ourselves and others. We’ll explore how this practice can enrich our lives, foster trust, and empower our decision-making in a way that feels deeply aligned with who we are.

I’m inviting you to be part of this conversation because I believe in the transformative power of understanding – not just of the world around us, but of the universe within us. Tune in to my live show below and together, we’ll learn, grow, and navigate the complexities of life with authenticity and grace.

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