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Are You Avoiding Being Alone With Your Own Thoughts?

A friend once remarked that my media consumption surpassed anyone else they knew. My initial reaction was defensive, as if my enthusiasm for acquiring knowledge was under scrutiny. But if I’m honest, at that point in my life, I was immersed in a constant stream of information.

Let me clarify—I have an insatiable appetite for learning (my 1/3 profile line in Human Design shows this is exactly what I’m intended to do). Give me a good book, an audiobook, or a great TV series and I’m a happy girl. I find so much to discover about myself and the world in general but being exposed to diverse voices. However, I’ve come to recognize the profound benefits of introspective silence … And that I was avoiding myself in the process. There’s something super powerful about just being still with my own thoughts.

Consider this: Have you ever found yourself in solitude, only to be unsettled by the quiet? Do you instinctively reach for your phone, the TV remote, or any source of sound to dispel the stillness? Have you ever wondered why? What might you discover if you listened to your own inner voice and truths?

Here’s a revelation—often, the clarity you’re seeking resides in that very silence. You possess the unique insight into what’s best for you, and constant pursuit of external validation can cause you to overlook what truly matters.

Through embracing methodologies like Human Design, I’ve learned to tap into my genuine self and engage with my internal compass. Additionally, through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), I’ve identified and transformed my thought and behavioral patterns, fostering new, purposeful habits that truly align with my best self. This is how I have learned to belong to myself – to come home to myself.

So yeah, when it comes to getting to know yourself better – to actually hearing yourself, liking what you hear and trusting yourself, you’ve gotta welcome a bit of silence.

I invite you to check out my video below where I’ll share easy ways to tune into yourself and feel more at home with yourself, and why it’s totally worth that little bit of effort.

We’ll explore straightforward strategies for attuning to your inner self and embracing your authenticity with greater ease, while also delving into the compelling reasons to embark on this journey.

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