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Do You Know Who You Are?

As the mother of a newly minted four-year-old, I have been overexposed to the new Disney princess, Moana. I will admit, this does not really trouble me because the movie is smart, female-centered and empowering for young women everywhere and the music was written by my favorite musical genius, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Each morning, after we have dropped her sisters off at school and are on our way to daycare, Scarlett requests the Moana soundtrack. I get to listen to Lin rap and that makes me happy, so I say yes. But inevitably my favorite moment is when the song “I am Moana” comes on. The song opens with Moana’s grandmother singing and encouraging her to step into who she truly is. The lyrics move me to tears nearly every day. I am moved to share these lyrics with you today and ask … Do you know who you are?

I have listened to these lyrics over and over. I have written them down and said them out loud. They connect deeply with me because there is always the potential for our journeys to leave a scar and we cannot know the future in front of us — yet we must still soldier on.

I am reminded of my personal transformation. The journey was terrifying. I was unsure who would support me or if I was making the right decisions. I knew it would be difficult and painful, not just for me but for those I loved. Throughout it all, however, I truly and deeply believed that what was on the other side was worth it. I chose the empowering side of fear. It’s true that everything we really want is just on the other side of uncomfortable and, let’s face it, fear is extremely uncomfortable. So I embraced the fear and pushed forward. And yes, the journey left scars.

Over time those scars have begun to heal and now I reveal them to you all a tiny bit each day, one by one. They are my personal map. They mark my life experiences, the lessons I’ve learned, the things that did not go well and those things that were brave and exciting. When I speak to you, it is from a place of total truth and honesty. The journey has not always been easy — it often still isn’t — but is has been so very worth it!

“The things you have learned will guide you and nothing on earth can silence the quiet voice still inside you.” Listen to that voice. Let it take you to places unknown. How can you ever truly know your limitations if you never try new things? Fear not what the scars will look like; they are just a byproduct of a fulfilling life.

What new journey are you hoping to take? Share in the comments below and let’s support one another. Everything is more achievable when you have a cheering section behind you. I see you. I see your scars and I admire you for them.

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