When things get hard, focus on gratitude.

Do I like to make busy months more complicated?   November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), and I’m participating once again! This challenge of writing 50,000 words over the course of the month pushes me to my limits.   Friends, it’s hard and exhilarating and hard (did I already say that?).   While I […]

Don't let the holidays boss you around!

Hello, October! I can’t believe I just said those words! October means the holidays are right around the corner and … wow … I’m not sure I’m ready for that!    Ready or not, fall is here and time goes quickly whether we want it to or not. I don’t know about you, but when […]

Where does the time go?

There’s an age-old saying that “time flies.” We’re all adults; we know it’s the truth. Time really does fly by and with each passing year, it seems to go faster and faster.    I’ve been doing a little research on this. Why is it that when we're small, summer feels like an eternity but as […]

Having a Balanced Summer

Balancing Summer Fun and Responsibilities   My second born made her appearance on June 21st, 13 years ago. (Happy birthday, sweet girl.) Each year on her birthday we also get to celebrate the summer solstice and officially welcome summer! Luckily, it’s even starting to feel like summer here in Chicago despite the fact the kids […]

The Power of Intention

Powerful Intention   We are on the precipice of summer and, for many, it’s an exciting time but it’s not usually a relaxed time.   I know that sounds strange. When we think of summer we picture idyllic, warm, sunny days playing and resting. That sounds lovely. But if you’re an entrepreneur or industry leader, […]

You are not stuck!