The Power of Intention

Powerful Intention   We are on the precipice of summer and, for many, it’s an exciting time but it’s not usually a relaxed time.   I know that sounds strange. When we think of summer we picture idyllic, warm, sunny days playing and resting. That sounds lovely. But if you’re an entrepreneur or industry leader, […]

Celebrating One Year of The Brave Files!

Today, April 12th marks the 1st birthday of our little baby podcast, The Brave Files!   Happy Birthday to us!! The last year has been so full of lessons and love. I’ve learned that, despite my best efforts, some times technology just messes with me. I am unbelievably grateful to our audio producer, Andrew Olson, […]

Celebration Creates Gratitude

If you’ve been following along, you know that I am a passionate believer in the power of gratitude. I even wrote a book and journal about it! Most of you also know that I believe celebration is a lost art, and when we choose celebration, we choose joy, recognition, and growth.   So let me […]

Tolerations might be ruining your life defines the term ‘tolerate’ as ”to endure without repugnance; put up with.”   For me, when I stop to think about the things in my life that I simply “tolerate”, I find I’m allowing so much to get in my way. When I say this I don’t mean physically, although that giant pile of […]

You are not stuck!