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Joy Shared is Happiness Returned

If you have been hanging around for awhile, you have heard me talk about celebration a lot. I believe that celebration is a magic key that unlocks connection and happiness. Joy shared is happiness returned.

When you have been blessed, the act of sharing that blessing with others makes it infectious. If you have busted your ass to create something awesome, sharing it with others has the potential to inspire them and encourage them.

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to be mad at someone who walks around happy all the time? You might get annoyed, right? You might think, “How can this person always be so happy?” But you still cannot help but have a slightly elevated mood when you are around them.

This is where mindset can make all the difference. I have a screen saver on my phone that says “Choose Happiness.” Not because I am always happy but because it is my daily goal – – to find the joy inside my every day and to be as infectious with it as possible.

But nothing makes joy more powerful than sharing it. The happiness that returns to you is the greatest feeling ever. It is one of the reasons I love The Birthday Party Project so much and partnered my Chaos to Clarity course with them. The work they do, bringing celebration and joy into the lives of children who have so little, is like pure magic. And I have seen this magic work on the volunteers as well as the kids.

Find something you love, do that thing and then share it with others. If the thing you love isn’t your work, that is perfectly fine. Seek this joy in every corner of your life. What lights you up? What makes you feel connected? Do that thing and don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way. Then shout it from the rooftops.

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