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Alignment Doesn’t Mean Perfection

Through years of self-work I’ve come to learn that alignment (which is a word I use often) is less about achieving a state of perfection and more about embracing a journey of awareness and continuous recalibration.  

Alignment is often misconstrued as a destination—a perfect place where everything falls neatly into place, and life flows without challenges. But come on now, we all know that’s an impossible destination. True alignment is not the absence of obstacles; it’s the presence of clarity and the courage to face whatever comes your way.

There was a time in my life when I appeared to have it all—a successful business, a beautiful family, and a dream house. But despite these outward signs of success, I felt small, unfulfilled, and exhausted from bending over backward to meet everyone else’s expectations. I realized that following society’s rules and ignoring my own desires was suffocating me.

So, I chose to break free, to become my own Phoenix and rise from the ashes of a life that no longer served me. I came out, ended my marriage, and built a new business grounded in the principles of the trifecta of self: Learning to deepy and completely know, like and trust myself – and then to be freaking honest with myself in the process. It’s a journey that embraces the essence of alignment—being true to oneself, even when it’s hard.

Here’s the thing: building a life you love is tough. It shouldn’t be, but it is. It’s an ongoing process of unraveling from the old and stepping boldly into the new, a process that requires constant adjustment and recalibration. It’s about being aware of when we are out of sync with our core values and having the tools and bravery to realign our actions with our intentions.

Alignment means knowing that it’s okay to stumble and that there’s immense strength in vulnerability. It’s about recognizing when you’re playing small or contorting yourself to fit into someone else’s mold and choosing, instead, to expand into your own shape.

In my coaching, I emphasize that alignment is about creating a life that resonates deeply with who you are and who you want to be. It’s about setting boundaries, honoring your work and personal goals, and not letting your business—or anyone else—be the boss of you.

I’ve walked this path myself, from projecting an image of the perfect life to realizing I was contorting myself to fit into a mold that wasn’t mine. It took courage to dismantle that facade and rebuild a life where I could stand tall in my truth, a journey I delve into in my live show episode below.

So, remember, alignment isn’t a flawless state of being. It’s a conscious endeavor to stay connected to your truth and make adjustments as needed. It’s about showing up for yourself and your dreams, even if that means rewriting the rules.

To all of you out there working towards a life you love, know that I’m with you every step of the way. Keep striving, keep recalibrating, and let’s keep rising together.

Dive in to the episode below and explore what alignment actually means. Whether you’re navigating personal transformation or elevating your business, this conversation is  for you.

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