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The Revolution of Self

What happens if we treat ourselves with the same respect we treat leaders and organizations? When we apply the “know, like, and trust” concept to ourselves?  

This idea aligns seamlessly with my mission to help you transform fear into fierceness. Just as companies must understand their ‘why’ to inspire action, we must all delve into our core to truly master the art of knowing, liking, and trusting ourselves because the process of self-discovery begins at the intersection of discomfort and expansion.

I help you explore these layers of self-knowledge and self-trust which leads to self-acceptance and actually liking yourself. How about trying that on for size? Picture it … You think of yourself and it feels good, powerful, empowering, and joyful rather than filled with disappointment and shame.

I understand that fear is a part of the process, but it doesn’t have to be an obstacle. Fear is simply feedback if you’re taking the time to pay attention and understand yourself. In this case, it’s a catalyst for growth, a signal that you’re stepping into your power.

It’s in this space that I invite you to be part of the Revolution of Self 

The “know, like, and trust” factor is a cornerstone of strong leadership and successful organizations. It’s a simple yet profound principle that dictates that people are more likely to follow and engage with those they know, like, and trust. But this concept doesn’t have to be external. When we apply it to ourselves, we unlock a transformative self-leadership journey.

What happens then, when we treat ourselves with the respect we reserve for the greatest leaders? We become leaders of our own lives. We build self-esteem and confidence that radiate outward, influencing all aspects of our lives from personal relationships to professional endeavors.

The revolution of self starts with the willingness to see ourselves as worthy of the same admiration we give to others. By knowing, liking, and trusting ourselves, we don’t just become followers of great leaders; we become the leaders we were always meant to be.

Check out my episode of ‘Live with Heather Vickery’ below where I unpack all of this, give real-world examples, and share ways to make small but significant shifts that will help you revolutionize what it means to be yourself!

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