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Embracing and Mastering The Trifecta of Self

I’ve been an entrepreneur nearly all of my adult life. I realized pretty quickly after college that while I love working with people, working for someone else just isn’t my cup of tea (or glass of champagne). 

It might just be my stubborn streak, or perhaps it’s because I’m a Projector in Human Design. Us Projectors? We’re here to guide and lead, not be told what to do. And yet it’s all about waiting for that right invitation to share our wisdom. What’s your Human Design type? I’d love to know how it resonates with you (don’t know your Human Design? I’d love to do a custom reading for you!)

Running my own business has been the adventure of a lifetime – setting my own pace and defining success in a way that feels right to me. Over two decades, I’ve been on this wild ride of learning to know, like, and trust myself. Every time I think I’ve got it down, life says, “Think again!” However, I’ve noticed that with each challenge, I don’t start from scratch — I’ve grown, evolved, and amassed a toolkit that helps me navigate each new situation with increasing swiftness and grace.

This is the essence of what I aim to share with you: mastering the Trifecta of Self. It’s about knowing, liking, and trusting yourself — and remember, mastery is about practice, not perfection. We are constantly changing beings in an ever-evolving world, and we’ll never have all the answers. Embracing this ongoing journey is what yields the results you desire.

Thinking of making some changes? Whether you’re chasing a new dream, saying goodbye to what’s not fitting right anymore, or just looking to soak up some more peace and joy – mastering the Trifecta of Self will get you there faster and with more ease.

Join me below in this episode of my live show where I’ll be breaking down the Trifecta of Self, how it can make a difference in your life and some tips to getting started right away.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your personal or professional life, understanding this trifecta is the key to unlocking your true potential.

Get ready to love the person you are meant to be – because you’re worth it!

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