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Kick your gratitude practice up a notch with this Gratitude Journal offering space to record specific points of gratitude; wins for the day; and 180 unique prompts for reflection, including:
  • What pleasantly surprised you today?
  • What seemingly “usual” thing are you most grateful for?
  • What song are you most grateful for? How did you serve others today?

Gratitude Journal: Shift Your Focus

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by heather vickery

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This beautiful gratitude journal will help you develop a life-changing and inspiring gratitude practice. Filled with useful and knowledgeable information, unique prompts to help you connect with gratitude in new and exciting ways, and space to record your daily gratitude and personal wins! Buy one for yourself and anyone you want to help discover new levels of happiness and success.

This beautifully bound book features:
  • Written guidance on how and why a gratitude practice can change your life
  • Motivation and inspiration quotes
  • Unique daily prompts
  • Space to record your gratitude and the date
  • Record your personal high fives (wins) for the day
Words of wisdom, from noted thinkers of the past and passionate entrepreneurs of today, bolster your reflections as you move through the journal. Whether you record your appreciation daily, weekly, or whenever the mood strikes, this journal promises to expand and elevate your gratitude practice, and–as a result–your personal wellbeing.

Why develop a gratitude practice? Well, because of all the attributes one can develop, gratitude is most strongly associated with mental well being, success, and happiness. 

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