Private Coaching

If you're looking to transform and expand you're in the right place. 

This isn't your ordinary coaching experience. I'm here to help you break the rules and, finally, belong to yourself.

The BRAVE Method ™

It's time to get honest with yourself

Are you always in demand but not in a good way?  Do the expectations of others dictate a majority of your life?

Do you struggle to believe in yourself and your ability to succeed? Does this self-doubt lead to feeling disconnected from your true potential?

Are you yearning for a deeper sense of authenticity and fulfillment in your life and business? Would like to align your action with your core values and aspirations in order to live a more purposeful and joyful existence?  

Are you your own worst enemy? Does it seem impossible to be self-compassionate and tender with yourself even though you know the self-judgment is holding you back?

Can you tell that there's something magical right around the corner but it's difficult to imagine what lies beyond and, if you're honest, its a fucking scary to think about? 

Here's the truth …

Life is meant to be lived, explored and filled with joy!  But sometimes, it feels like you're trapped in a never-ending cycle of expectations and doubts.

There's something incredibly powerful about coming home to yourself and building a foundation of self-belief and abundance in the present. It's time to prioritize self-acceptance and fully own your worth, tapping into the extraordinary power within. As you radiate this energy out into the world, prepare for some awe-inspiring magic

You're not who you used to be and not quite who you're becoming.

What is possible if ...

You learned to like and trust this version of yourself



Embracing exactly who you are and loving that person without apology and with wild abandon (yes, it's possible)

Knowing yourself well enough to ask for what you need and want, trusting yourself enough to take center stage in your own life and having the confidence to set and keep boundaries that can transform your life and your relationships (we're talking rule breaking freedom). 

Believing that you are worthy of investing in (it's time to come home to yourself)

You pour so much into others; make sure you’re pouring plenty into yourself.

Are you ready to belong to yourself, break some rules and truly expand? 

Here are some of the way's Coach Heather Vickery and support you on this badass journey.

My love, you are not stuck. You have Options

“What if I fall?
Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?”
-Erin Hanson

Allow me to introduce myself ...

Heather Vickery Keynote Speaker Transformational Coach

Hi, I’m Heather Vickery and I'm here to help you break the fucking rules. You know what I mean – the rules society has put on you the hold you hostage. The ones that keep you second guessing yourself and playing small.

My favorite thing to do is support people on their journey to coming home to themselves. Because no two people are alike, my coaching isn't cookie cutter. It's completely custom to meet your needs in this moment. 

I utilize several different modalities to support clients on their transformational journey including Human Design, NLP (Neuro Linguistic programing), and Positive Psychology. I'm also the creator of The BRAVE Method™, my signature transformational coaching method that targets success through creativity, strategy, loyalty, honesty, empowerment, and surrendering anything that doesn’t serve you anymore.

Granted, my success and your success will probably not look alike – but I’ve burned my life down and risen from the ashes with the hope of helping others do the same.

So wherever you are, I can help you get where you want to go and in a way that makes you feel strong, bold, proud, joyful, fulfilled, and prepared for anything else you want to be now or in the future.

Private Coaching Options

What if you could live into yourself with unapologetic honesty, brake the rules (you know the bull shit ones society puts on you), belong to yourself (finally), and expand in ways beyond your wildest dreams.
Now you can, friend.


VIP Coaching


If you're ready to expand and elevate but life's a little to chaotic for a massive time commitment the Coach-on-Call package might be the perfect fit!

  • Custom Human Design session.
  • Your choice of monthly, 30-minute, 1:1 calls or quarterly, 2 hour 1:1 calls.
  • Weekly reflection and journal form for deeper clarity, intention setting and self-reflection.
  • Coach-on-call access via Telegram Monday – Friday 10 am -5 pm Central.
  • Early access to Coach Heather's other offerings.
  • 12 month commitment required.
  • Upon completion of this program you'll be eligible for an invitation to join Coach Heather's invitation only membership, the Brave Circle.

If you're really ready to deep dive and commit to the process then let's level up! With this option you'll receive everything the Coach-on-Call Package offers plus more QT directly with Coach Heather.

  • Custom Human Design session.
  • Two 45-60 minute coaching calls per month.
  • Weekly reflection and journal form for deeper clarity, intention setting and self-reflection.
  • Coach-on-call access via Telegram Monday – Friday 10 am -5 pm Central.
  • Early access to Coach Heather's other offerings.
  • 6 month commitment required.
  • Upon completion of this program you'll be eligible for an invitation to join Coach Heather's invitation only membership, the Brave Circle.

Have something specific you're looking to work through, break through or build?

VIP day's are an all day intensive (either in person or virtual) where you and Coach Heather partner to banish self-doubt, bypass overwhelm and tackle one specific area of growth in your life or business. We will utilize different modalities to clear blocks and discover your untapped potential, identify areas of growth and create a plan for inspired action so you can get to thriving faster with this personalized, one-day intensive.

Each VIP day comes with a month of Coach-on-Call support for follow up needs and integration and a custom Human Design session before our all day extravaganza (for new clients).




Perhaps you need help and you need it quickly. 

If so, a bespoke transformational coaching intensive is the best way for us to work together.

Whatever it is that you need, Heather Vickery can help you start seeing things the way they really are, not the way you think they should be.

She has both done and taught the principles that we’re offering to you. She won’t ask you to do anything that she hasn’t been through (and personally needed) for the growth of her own life and business.


We’ve already helped other people get there with these actionable secret ingredients. You can be next if that’s what you want.

Now, before you ask:

No. It’s not too late.
No. You’re not too old.
And NO. The moment hasn’t passed. (Unless YOU say it has.)

If you’re ready to seize the moment and create your own success, then Vickery and Co is here to help you do exactly that.

Click the button below to schedule a call with Coach Heather and figure out next steps.

Looking for a group experience?

Working with Heather always incudes

Human Design: 

Each private coaching packing starts with a custom Human Design session to help you understand how you're innately designed to live in and experience the world. You'll learn how you best make decisions, what your unique gifts are, what you're here to do in the world and so much more. Human Design is all about living into yourself, not living up to anything. This is powerful work when it comes to learning to like and trust yourself. Having this information as a foundational resource helps Heather coach you in the most aligned way and powerfully connects you with your truest self.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing):

NLP is a psychological approach that explores the connections between our neurological processes (neuro), language patterns (linguistic), and learned behaviors (programming). NLP techniques and strategies aim to understand and change the way you think, communicate, and behave on a subconscious level in order to achieve specific goals and improve overall well-being. This is where we as a team (coach and client) partner actionable steps with subconscious reprograming for a full bodied approach to elevation, growth and change.

Positive Psychology: 

This approach focuses on understanding and enhancing human well-being, happiness, and optimal functioning. It emphasizes the study of positive emotions, and strengths, and seeks to promote resilience, positive relationships, and personal growth. This isn’t about toxic positivity, it’s about shifting our energy and mindset away from what’s not working into what is, or could be working. Positive psychology examines what makes life worth living and how you can best thrive. Through this work we will explore things like gratitude, mindfulness, character strengths, and positive experiences to help you cultivate a fulfilling life, build resilience, and achieve your full potential. By shifting the focus from pathology to positive aspects we tap into practical strategies and interventions to enhance overall well-being and flourish.

 The BRAVE Method:

This is Heather's custom coaching method to help you problem solve, dream, design and actually have a life and a business you're madly in love with. BRAVE is an acronym for Boundaries, The Three Rs (reassessment, reframing and resilience), Action and Accountability, Vulnerability, Expansion and Empowerment. Get more information on The BRAVE Method below.


Belonging to yourself

starts with The BRAVE Method™


Get clear about the whats and whys of your wants. Your success and sanity demand that you set limits with your loved ones, clients, and colleagues. Decide what’s acceptable to you (and what’s not). Then together we make plans for taking guilt and stale habits out of the equation to give your boundaries the respect they deserve. The BRAVE Method™ provides you with tools for communicating and tending to those boundaries. Then you get to reap the fantastic benefits of those (perhaps brand new?) parameters changing everything to bring you peace and ownership over your own existence.

The Three Rs

There’s no need to just muscle through mindlessly or to keep going in “the way things have always been done.” Getting stuck in the status quo is a sure way to drain your most precious resources (your energy, time, emotions, and your mental state). Here’s what The BRAVE Method™ will have you doing instead: REASSESS: Stop. Take a breath and take stock of your choices, actions, and decisions. Did they get the desired response? How did they make you feel? Are you self-sabotaging with limiting beliefs or refusing to face the real problems? REFRAME: What do you want the narrative to be now that you're seeing things more clearly? Let’s improve your plans and systems, or make an entirely new plan to create new outcomes. You can still have fears, but let that fear work for you, not against you. RESILIENCE: Tap into your strength. Build up your ability to keep trying and growing regardless of any challenges that crop up - because you have prioritized and clarified your needs and goals.

Action & Accountability

Show up. None of this works unless you do the work of it. However, don’t confuse that with having to do "it all” or do it alone. Action and ownership of your work come in many forms. Asking for help is doing the work; delegating is doing the work; scheduling rest and relaxation is doing the work. Be intentional and work smarter (which may or may not end up meaning “work harder.” It’s different for everyone). Follow through with the commitments you make to yourself - in both your life and your business - so you can seed your development, strengthen your resolve, and, ultimately, soar with The BRAVE Method™!


The strongest, healthiest, most rewarding relationships are built on vulnerability. To truly gain those real connections in all areas of life, we have to be vulnerable with ourselves first. Honesty and authenticity allow us to create trust and connection with our home, our projects, and our collaborators. Disrupt your desperation. The BRAVE Method™ helps you navigate building healthier and more authentic relationships that you can lean on for support as well as for celebration.

Expand & Empower

Expansion and empowerment are the gifts that result from all of your hard work. No one can give them to you except you. Eradicate your limiting beliefs and see how far you can go! It’s not your job to protect people from the ways that you shine, to reign in your success in the public eye, or to hide the skills that make the most of your wildest but completely achievable dreams. You can have what you want and serve your greatest purpose. It may be challenging, but it can also be joyful and abundant. You deserve serenity and success. Begin with this ending in mind, then focus on your inner work and choose this path for yourself.

B. R. A. V. E

Fear is a feeling, but bravery is a choice. Achieve your potential in an all-encompassing, 360 degree-awareness of the idea that YOU ARE ENOUGH and you can do it. Re-center around your own truth, abilities, messiness, strength, and priorities that focus on the most useful challenges. Don’t settle and don’t let the people around you settle either. Own your opportunities. Step into your superpower. Maximize the power of your purpose. You can’t hide in the corner and expect yourself to achieve your wildest dreams. You have to step into the ring. The most important person that needs to say you’re worthy to share your voice, is you. Realize your unlimited possibilities and Ask. For. More. Because only you know what you really want. Now come get it.










What our clients have to say...

Frequently Asked Questions ...

Coaching should be a deeply personal and tailored journey, which is why thorough research and getting to know your prospective coach is crucial. It entails a significant investment, not only financially but also emotionally and in terms of time. Approaching coaching half-heartedly undermines its potential. Building a strong rapport, familiarity, and trust with your coach is essential for a fruitful partnership. Schedule a discovery call to determine if it’s a good fit. Lastly, remember that effective coaching requires teamwork and co-creation. It is a client-led process with the coach providing guidance and support rather than answers! You’re the one that has to do the work if you want real and sustainable change.

That's ok! Explore the options and let's jump on a Discover Call. Coach Heather can help guide you towards the perfect coaching experience.

To maximize the benefits of your coaching experience, it's important to allocate dedicated time outside of your coaching calls for necessary self-work. While the exact time required may vary, committing at least 20-60 minutes per day is advisable. This consistent investment in self-reflection and personal growth will enhance the effectiveness of your coaching journey.

A healthy coaching relationship is built on collaboration, mutual trust, and shared responsibility. It recognizes that both the coach and the client play active roles in the coaching process.

In this partnership, the coach provides guidance, support, and expertise in various coaching techniques and tools. They create a safe and non-judgmental space for the client to explore their goals, challenges, and personal growth. The coach facilitates self-discovery, encourages reflection, and helps the client develop strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve their desired outcomes.

On the other hand, the client actively participates and engages in the coaching process. They bring their own experiences, insights, and perspectives to the table. They set goals, identify their needs and desires, and take ownership of their own growth and progress. The client is responsible for taking action and implementing the strategies discussed during coaching sessions.

By recognizing coaching as a partnership, both the coach and the client collaborate as equal partners, working together towards the client's success. It fosters a sense of empowerment, accountability, and co-creation, maximizing the effectiveness and impact of the coaching journey.

Coach-on-Call Support happens inside the Telegram App. It's easy, free and allows everyone involved to maintain healthy boundaries. The weekly reflection and journal prompts will be email to you on Friday each week and should be filled out by Monday so Coach Heather can give you the support you need.

The financial investment in coaching varies by program. You can get started on your journey for as little as $24 with the 5-Day abundance challenge. Coach-on-Call Packages start at $350 per month and go up to $20,000 for a more in depth, intensive 1:1 experience. The Incubator averages around $5000 (depending on payment plan selected).  In person VIP Days are $5000 (travel not included if you want Heather to come to you). There's truly something for everyone!

Coaching with Heather Vickery may not be your cup of tea, coffee or Champagne if you're not ready to get your hands dirty and put in some serious work. This is not the place for quick fixes or magic wands. If you're resistant to change or expect someone to do all the heavy lifting for you, sorry, but you're in the wrong place. Heather's coaching is all about collaboration and taking ownership of your growth. This is for the fierce souls who are ready to step up, take charge, and make things happen. Please note that Vickery and Co is a loving, inclusive and affirming space for everyone. This is a place for loving and welcoming everyone. We do not discriminate based on race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. You’re welcome to come as yourself in any space hosted by Heather Vickery and if you don’t like those open and affirming spaces, Coach Heather isn’t the right fit for you.

Once your in the Brave Family we want to make it easy for you to stick around or go out and explore other things then come home when ever you're ready.

Many of Coach Heather's clients transition to a lower touch Coach-on-Call package after a deeper intensive. And you can apply for an invitation to The Brave Circle which is Heather's private membership exclusively for past clients. 

What's important to remember is that Heather is invested in you and your success. She's always going to be your biggest fan and supporter.

We are committed to being open and affirming of all people regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic status, gender or sexual preference. We only work with clients who are committed to this equality as well.