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Now’s the time to grow both personally and professionally when you attend one of our action-oriented workshops.

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When was the last time you went to a leadership or success workshop and walked away feeling encouraged, challenged and empowered and then stayed in action!?

Never? Well it's time we change that!

Our workshops are designed to be interactive, intensive and intimate so that you can take that bold, courageous action you need to create the life and business of your dreams. Inside every workshop, you’ll discover actionable steps to take in order to create real growth. This newfound (or maybe more intensive) understanding of The BRAVE Method ™ will lead to immediate effects on how you stand as the CEO of your life.

Workshops are small and intimate to ensure each attendee is uniquely and powerfully supported on their journey to achieving their dreams. With each new session, we take action right there in the workshop. When you leave, you won’t just have a plan that you could potentially implement — you’ll have a plan that is already in motion!

Ready to harness your fears?

Take the first step to harnessing fear and join  #TeamBRAVE for the The BRAVE Method Workshop

You can come away from any of the numerous workshops or conferences out there with a high of inspiration. What happens when you get home is actually where the success lies (and the hardest part!).

Heather made a point of taking time throughout the entire day to define clear, actionable task items. Each one of us went home with the exact to-dos we needed accomplish to keep our energy and inspiration moving forward long after the workshop high slows down.
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Workshop Attendee

Working with Heather has been nothing short of transformational for me. I have gone from someone who wrote for fun to someone who writes for fun. . . AND get's paid for it!

I have learned how to better advocate for myself and come at the world from a place of power rather than a place of weakness. Having the chance to work with someone who pushes me to be the best version of myself possible has helped me to grow in ways I never thought possible.
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Coaching Client
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The Year of Wealth Summit

The Year of Wealth Summit

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Although the live summit is over, you can still access all of the incredible content and they have added in countless bonuses also.
Check it out now for breakthrough after breakthrough to prepare you for your best year yet in 2022 and kick off the year with a party of inspiration, motivation, and deep transmission.
You’ll learn business strategy, offer creation, money mindset, wealth embodiment, recoding for wealth, what’s holding you back and what will propel you forward, social media strategies, and SO MUCH MORE.
33 speakers. More than 50 unique opportunities to have an a-ha moment that could change your life and business.
Say yes to YOU. Say yes to WEALTH! Click here to register.

JANUARY 28, 2022​

Queer Business Summit

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Join me on the first International Queer Business Conference on Friday January 28th! To be clear, this is not just another conference, but one that focuses on the PRACTICAL side of building your business! My fellow speakers and I we will provide inspiration, motivation and knowledge to infuse you with the energy and beliefs that your BHAG’s (big harry audacious goals) are within your reach (hint … They are!). And because you are part of my amazing audience, you get a 50% discount on your ticket when using the code TITAN50! Just use this link to book your spot click here.
March 2-5, 2022

Women in Publishing Summit

This is the first time I'm speaking at this event and, as a newly published (best selling) author, it's super exciting.
This event is for: authors, editors, publishers, marketers. Culminating on International Women's Day, we celebrate, empower, encourage, and support women writers and professionals in the publishing industry.
The first online writing and publishing conference dedicated to women, the Women in Publishing Summit is the biggest online conference for women in publishing, featuring authors, publishers, editors, graphic artists, marketers, book sellers, mindset coaches, & more! We cover everything from why to write a book to the how to launch, and the business of being an author.
Register today! Click here.
October 15, 2021

Podcasting Is Freaking Hard - And We Love It

Join experienced podcasters and mindset experts Heather Vickery (The Brave Files) and Lee Chaix McDonough (Coach with Clarity) for a relaxed, candid discussion about what it really takes to keep a show going for the long haul, and how managing your mindset is the key to a successful and fulfilling podcasting experience. You’ll discover why mindset matters in podcasting, the mindset traps many podcasters fall into (and how to avoid them), and the keys to developing a sustainable podcasting process.
Ready for a different kind of leadership workshop for your organization?
Heather’s presentation sparked a fantastic conversation that brought out all the best thinking in the room. Every woman left with some great discernment tools to help her plan practical improvements in her own life. Thanks, Heather, for a super presentation!
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Workshop Producer
Heather’s presentation sparked a fantastic conversation that brought out all the best thinking in the room. Every woman left with some great discernment tools to help her plan practical improvements in her own life. Thanks, Heather, for a super presentation!
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Conference Producer

Get unstuck with a VIP Day

Do you have one thing that seems to always be the obstacle keeping you from your dreams? During a VIP day with me, we'll dig deep into the mind blocks preventing you from moving forward and create an action plan that will take you all the way to your goal.

Design your new normal

You've spent your entire life, living the path that people claimed was your destiny. Well eff that! If burning it all down and starting a new life is sounding pretty damn amazing, then it's time to do it! My one-on-one coaching program allows you to design your new normal with intention and passion.