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Hamster wheel got you down?

If you're stuck trying to achieve “balance” in your life and business to no avail, you’ve likely experienced the dark cloud of burnout, overshadowing the things you love. Well, I'm here to rewrite the narrative and tell you that balance, as it’s always been sold to you, is bullshit! But I’ve got you! You can build harmony and balance on your own terms and I’m here to help.

It's time to make The Brave Leap off that hamster wheel and start taking intentional steps towards becoming your best, most amazing authentic self!

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Are your fears holding you back?

You aren't alone! So many entrepreneurs are in the same boat – feeling like they have to be “fearless.” I say screw that! F*ck Fearless!

Those feelings of fear are 100% valid and they exist for a reason. When you let yourself feel them and acknowledge them, you reclaim power over them. And that power turns into leverage, which becomes the driving force that will help you achieve your dreams!

And that, my friend, is pretty freaking incredible

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Support that meets you where you're at!

Change is the only constant. I’d like to meet you wherever you are on your journey and provide the type of support you actually need. And I understand that your growth and needs are ever-changing and evolving. That's why, I offer several levels of coaching support to help you where and how you need it most!

Find the Path that's right for you


Are you ready to take bold, courageous action in your life and business? My one-on-one coaching programs are designed to support YOUR schedule, needs and goals, providing you with a personalized, clear action plan for getting unstuck and building a life you absolutely fucking love.

With A Group

Within my Intentionally Brave Entrepreneurs group coaching program, you’ll gain a community of supporters to walk beside you on your journey towards understanding and leveraging your fears to live a bolder, braver, more empowered life. It’s so much more than coaching, it’s a family.

Corporate Support

Ditch the cookie-cutter corporate approach to business development and training and start honoring authenticity and bravery in the workplace by building a safe work space where EVERY team member can thrive and become a leader.

Think you're not brave enough? Then it's time to check out...

The Brave Files Podcast with Heather Vickery

Each episode introduces you to people just like you who are talking back to fear, turning it into fuel for success! It's such an honor and privilege to be able to talk with my guests. Each of whom has stepped out of their fear and into bravery. Therefore, The Brave Files gives you …

Real stories. Real people. Real inspiration.

Hey love, I'm Heather Vickery

And when it comes to rethinking what you want out of life, I've got a bit of experience.

You know those stories of people walking away from a completely “dream” life to start over? Well…I did that!

Now as a success and leadership coach I help others navigate the The Brave Leap to building the life and business they've always imagined but didn’t know how to obtain..

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