Are you coachable? – 4 questions to help you determine if coaching is for you

Have you ever wondered what makes someone coachable?There’s a common misconception that having a coach will solve all your problems….or that having a coach will make things EASIER for you. If you’re searching for a business coach as a quick-fix solution to your problems,  you’re going to find yourself disappointed. Coaching is never a quick-fix. […]

How I Successfully Live with Fear

A few weeks ago, I held my breath as I hit send on the first, very messy, draft of my new book to a few Beta readers from all different corners of my life. I was terrified. I had ALL the fears. Imposter syndrome struck hard.  Would it suck? What business did I have thinking […]

THE ROAD TO RESILIENCE—4 Truths for the Ambitious, Imperfect Entrepreneur

In a society that views academic grade letters, test scores and other external markers for achievement as measurements of our worth and success, it can be easy to miss the real – and wildly beautiful – growth taking place within us. Brilliant University of Pennsylvania psychologist, Angela Duckworth, has identified “that it’s resilience, not IQ, […]

Distracted Learning vs. Intentional Expansion

Okay, so, you’ve signed up for the latest training course, read the articles, watched the YouTube videos and listened to the podcasts. You know everything there is to know about your field of expertise, your new side-hustle, etc… Now what?  A lot of people get to this point, armed with knowledge, and yet their imposter […]

Failure is the New Success | How to Leverage Failure For Personal Growth

Regardless of what you’ve heard, failure, as you know it, doesn’t actually exist. “If you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough” – Jillian Michaels Let’s talk about the giant elephant in the room. You already know that “there is no such thing as failure.” You’ve heard it before. But, for some reason, you don’t […]

When things get hard, focus on gratitude.

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Do I like to make busy months more complicated? November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), and I’m participating once again! This challenge of writing 50,000 words over the course of the month pushes me to my limits. Friends, it’s hard and exhilarating and hard (did I already say that?). While I enjoy the writing […]