As a life and business coach, I love seeing my clients reach meaningful milestones, whether they’re big or small. Here are a few who have reached out to say thanks for the progress we’ve made together. I applaud their courage – and their achievements!

  • Heather has the unique ability to not only inspire and motivate but to also provide guidance and answers from her own experience as an entrepreneur. Perhaps even more importantly, she provides accountability and collaboration. Within a few minutes of meeting her, you know that she cares about improving your quality of life, both business and personal. space

    Andre Mastermind Group
  • While I've been involved in many transformational seminars in my life, something clicked for me this time in a way it hadn't before. My biggest takeaway from Heather's workshop is that mastery is an ongoing process. Not only is that ok, but it's normal. I have power over my life, but it's my responsibility to exercise that power daily through my commitments and telling myself the truths that drown out my limiting voices.

    Jenn Workshop Attendee
  • Thank you so much for creating your workshop. It was incredibly insightful to understand the struggles and celebrations we all share across various different industries and at varying cycles of our businesses. It was exactly what I needed to re-ignite my entrepreneurial mojo. I have already started to implement some of the takeaways from our discussion.


    Connie Mastermind Group
  • Last year, I knew I wanted to shake things up in a big way, but wasn’t sure where to begin. One big decision that I did make on my own, was deciding that I’m worth the investment of enlisting help to alter the trajectory of my life. I’m very happy with the results Heather and I have attained together. I cannot place a price tag on these changes. I recommend getting Heather on board if you’re ready for change and for your new life – because you’re worth it.

    Becky Coaching Client
25 %
Have No Idea How to Achieve The Goals They Set
30 %
Spend More Time Working IN Their Business, Rather Than ON Their Business
40 %
Let Fear Stop Them From Trying Something New To Push Them Forward
40 %
Have a Hard Time Saying "NO!"
Numbers based on a survey of 300+ entrepreneurs and small business owners. The survey was conducted by Heather Vickery in Spring/Summer of 2017. CLICK HERE TO VIEW FULL REPORT. Copyright of Vickery and Co.
  • The workshop with Vickery and Co. created a new environment for our team.  We communicate more honestly and collaborate more frequently.  My team walked away knowing their worth and their contribution to our shared goals and vision.   And, most of all, in our high-stress environment, each team member uses the skills learned to remain calm, collected, confident and on-point.   I am so grateful for the work we did together and the insight provided by Heather.

    Kerensa Private Corporate Workshop
  • The opportunity to sit down in an open, honest and supportive environment and really dig into what holds us back and how we break through the doubt that keeps us from stepping up to the next level, embrace our own skills and passions, was truly incredible.



    Chris Workshop Attendee
You Deserve Work-Life Harmony