You don't have to follow the "rules" if they don't elevate your life.

With The BRAVE Method™ you can have your cake and enjoy eating it too!

Stop settling. Start up-leveling.

I’m proof positive that it’s possible to start wherever you are and make it to wherever you desire being - so are the hundreds of successful AND happy clients I’ve helped through my books, podcasts, coaching, speaking…
and now I’ve developed a BRAND NEW PROGRAM!

The authenticity of The BRAVE Method™ will cut through the clutter and give you the tools you need to maintain strength, create connections, and optimize opportunities that come your way each day.

Stop floundering and start flourishing.

I can help. Here’s how:

Private Coaching

A transformational expansion program for fellow entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and strategists to up-level your life AND your business through the honesty, accountability, and expertise of The BRAVE Method™


Whether as a keynote speaker or panelist, with groups of any size, in formal or informal settings, I offer customizable topics to inspire and entertain.

Group Coaching

Coaching should compliment your life, not complicate it. I offer a verity of coaching experiences to meet you're needs and lifestyle. Discover what's best for you!

Manifestation Power Hour

Now is the time to embrace your truth, banish self-limiting beliefs, and unlock the doors to a life filled with abundance and fulfillment. The Manifestation Power Hour is your invitation to declare your desires boldly and create your future with unwavering confidence.

Abundance Challenge

In this 5-day challenge Coach Heather will share her most trusted and proven systems for creating and embracing abundance in every facet of your life. Once you realize the many different ways abundance can (and does) show up in your life, the easier it is to manifest even more of it.

The Incubator is one of the most incredible coaching experiences I've ever had the privilege of being a part of. This one of a kind experience combines community, coaching, accountability, support, and learning as you've never seen them before. New cohort begins August 2023.

So get ready. It’s gonna be epic.

Whether you’ve worked with me before or just discovered me for the first time, this program is for you. Why? Because you're no longer who you used to be and not quite who you're going to be. It's time to like and trust yourself as you are today, in this very moment. Come home to yourself. Belong to yourself. These "radical" ideas are just part of how we're breaking the rules!

Together we will apply my BRAVE Method ™ to manifesting and maximizing the life you’ve always dreamed of - and beyond! I also use Human Design, NLP, Positive Psychology and other learning modalities to support you in unique, customized ways.

This coaching experience is designed to focus your purpose, help build direction, clarify vision and manifest for the highest good. Even better, it's done in collaboration and community with other's on the same journey.

Creative Unfolding