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A picture of a woman in a blue dress

Success Isn’t Always about Money

With Featured Guest

Sonya Morton-Firth

Reinvention • Unordinary • Unfinished

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A picture of a woman in a blue dress

Success Isn’t Always about Money

With Featured Guest

Sonya Morton-Firth

Reinvention • Unordinary • Unfinished

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Top Takeaways From This Episode

  • Never let anyone tell you that you’re incapable, if there is a will, there is always a way.
  • If there’s anything you’re doing right now, that you know you’ll regret later, change it. 
  • You have the ability to define your own success.

Against the Grain

Sonya grew up feeling different from everyone else. It was the 70s, in England, and she was one of the few children in her class with divorced parents. Additionally, her mother was from South America, making her one of the only people of color in her school thus often subjected to racist abuse from her peers.

Throughout her youth, Sonya was told she wouldn’t amount to much. She had average grades and a feisty nature. She was told she’d “be lucky” to get a degree by the school administration. But Sonya knew she was more than capable and was determined to prove them all wrong.

Successful and Sad

Sonya ended up in a lucrative job in a male-dominated industry. But in doing so, she began to soak up a toxically masculine work attitude. She describes herself as being “aggressive” and cut-throat in an attempt to be “one of the boys.” In her workplace, there was an unspoken rule that women had to leave their femininity, and emotions, at the door. 

She woke up one morning and realized she felt empty. There was a sudden realization that she had so much money from her climbing the corporate ladder, but getting there had drained her of everything else. Months later, she left her security and paycheck behind to search for herself.

A Rocky Road Ahead

But rediscovering herself wasn’t easy, she tried and “failed” at being an entrepreneur, and ended up feeling worse and more burnt out than before. But Sonya refused to allow herself to wallow in pity. Instead, she hired a coach, started studying nutrition, and began bodybuilding.

But things continued to go up and down for her, resulting in her being “homeless, jobless, with no relationship.” Though things couldn’t have been worse, and Sonya had nothing, she continued to persevere. And she had a breakthrough, she found her purpose. 

A Purpose to Empower

Eventually, Sonya got her coaching degree and started the Sonya Morton-Firth Show, where she interviews inspiring people with incredible stories. It gave her more joy than anything else she’d done yet. 

Finally, Sonya got to a point where she was fully present. Instead of existing in a state of stress and work, she was able to just be in the moment, and be at peace with the world.

Connect with Sonya

You can connect to Sonya on her website and youtube channel for her show. In addition, she has Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram. She is currently offering a special offer, if you subscribe to her show, you can get a free copy of Sonya's 8 Steps to Leading a More Fulfilled Life.

Giving is Good

Sonya is passionate about helping veterans. The Soldiers’ Charity ABF is an important organization in Britain that works to keep veterans off the street, in addition to helping them process their trauma and access the benefits from their service to their country.

"“Success isn’t always about money, for some it’s doing things you love and enjoy.”"

- Sonya Morton-Firth

Meet your Host, <em style="color:teal">Heather Vickery<em>

Meet your Host, Heather Vickery

Heather Vickery is an award-winning business owner and global leader with over 20 years as an entrepreneur. She leverages her entrepreneurial skills and expertise to coach individuals towards greater personal and professional fulfillment by helping them leverage their fear into intentional bravery. Heather says “When we choose bravely, on purpose, we choose bigger, have bigger successes and it’s contagious” A celebrated public speaker, Heather inspires audiences and empowers attendees with the tools they need to live bold and successful lives through creating balance, time management, mindfulness, as well as countless systems, strategies, and boundaries. She’s the author of Gratitude Journal: Shift Your Focus and Grow Grateful: A Gratitude Journal for Kids and Families. Heather is also the host and executive producer of The Brave Files Podcast.

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