A picture of a woman

Make a plan, but plan to change it!

With Featured Guest

Dr. Manuela Powell

Kindness • Connection • Expansion

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A picture of a woman

Make a plan, but plan to change it!

With Featured Guest

Dr. Manuela Powell

Kindness • Connection • Expansion

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Top Takeaways From This Episode

  • When you stop looking for something, it may just appear
  • Taking a break allows you to hone your craft and skill 
  • Knowing yourself doesn’t have to result in action, just knowing yourself more is helpful.
  • Celebrate your failures! Mistakes are how you learn.

Finding Her Way

Dr. Manuela Powell is a force! 

Born and raised in Brazil, she originally went to university to study business, but it instantly felt wrong. Always tapped into her intuition, and after two weeks straight of vivid dreams about being a doctor, she shifted her path and started medical school. By thirty years old, she was a renowned oncology surgeon in Brazil and loving it

Several years and a country later, Manuela realized another dream – she wanted to become a single mother. She didn’t have a life partner and didn’t believe that was a deterrent in any way. Manuela planned to have a baby on her own, via artificial insemination. She also felt strongly that she couldn’t be both a mother and the type of surgeon she wanted to be at the same time.

You can make a plan, but plan to change it 

Life has a way of guiding us without our permission. Just as Manuela stopped looking for what she wanted – a partner and to create a family- she met the man who would become her husband. At the time she was living in Hawaii. She got pregnant, the old fashion way, a year later. Manuela and her husband, Taylor,  moved back and forth between the US and Brazil a few times, before settling in the US and she gave up her medical career to focus on her family.

A New Dream 

After experiencing her own uncertainty about what path to take next, Manuela hired a life coach. Enter her intuition once again. She was called to become a life coach herself and knew she could help others love themselves and build lives they felt passionate about.

Her niche soon became helping women navigate motherhood, and having their own life while raising children. Manuela feels so much less stressed than when she was a surgeon, allowing herself to rest when needed and giving herself breaks often. She uses her wisdom of motherhood to help other women find their balance.

Knowing Yourself is Key

At the age of 48, Manuela experienced another curveball. She had an overwhelming, life-shifting realization- she wasn’t straight. Record scratch! Now what?! 

As it turned out, the first person she talked to about her newfound knowledge was our host, Heather Vickery. Coming out to her husband was easy at first, then came with some extreme challenges. But in the end, they were all for the better. Manuela and her husband have found new ways to connect and love one another and their marriage is stronger than ever. 

Manuela didn’t want to divorce her husband and coming out as bi wasn’t about wanting to date or even sleep with a woman. Instead, it was part of her own journey to recognize and get to know herself. 

Mistakes Are the Stepping Stones of Growth

In every episode of The Brave Files, our host Heather asks how the guest celebrates. Today might be the first time that our guest celebrates failures along with successes, especially with her children. 

Each night Manuela asks her sons how they have failed that day. She asks with enthusiasm and excitement “How did you fail today!? What did you learn?” By sharing what they felt was “wrong,” what they learned, and how they could change in the future, her children continue to grow emotionally and so does Manuela. 

We urge you to start your own failure celebration ritual and see how this mindset shift can change your life. 

Connect with Manuela

Manuela invites you to join her free Facebook group, Audacious Motherhood Society, which is just as much fun as it sounds for anyone who identifies as a mother. She also can be found on her website where you can work with her as a coach.

Giving is Good

Manuela lives in Texas, meaning abortion rights are an issue that is currently close to her mind and heart. She supports The Lilith Fund , a non for profit organization that helps people with uteruses get reproductive care in states that outlaw it. They not only host events, such as self-care workshops, but they also have a hotline for people in need of abortions, so they can help provide them with the best, safest options.

"Now, when I ask him, ‘how do you learn’, my son says, ‘mistakes’!"

- Dr. Manuela Powell

Meet your Host, <em style="color:teal">Heather Vickery<em>

Meet your Host, Heather Vickery

Heather Vickery is an award-winning business owner and global leader with over 20 years as an entrepreneur. She leverages her entrepreneurial skills and expertise to coach individuals towards greater personal and professional fulfillment by helping them leverage their fear into intentional bravery. Heather says “When we choose bravely, on purpose, we choose bigger, have bigger successes and it’s contagious” A celebrated public speaker, Heather inspires audiences and empowers attendees with the tools they need to live bold and successful lives through creating balance, time management, mindfulness, as well as countless systems, strategies, and boundaries. She’s the author of Gratitude Journal: Shift Your Focus and Grow Grateful: A Gratitude Journal for Kids and Families. Heather is also the host and executive producer of The Brave Files Podcast.

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