Finding a Knowing Within

With Featured Guest

Jim Rajan


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Finding a Knowing Within

With Featured Guest

Jim Rajan


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Top Takeaways From This Episode

  • Our capacity for attention and awareness is magical. It’s an art we can hone.
  • Self-love can be difficult work, but it’s also some of the most worthwhile work to do. We can’t help others if we don’t help ourselves.
  • Growth can be painful, but suffering is part of life. 
  • Honesty is courageous.

The Search for Something More

Jim Rajan used to bounce from job to job so often that his friends began a running joke: Jim’s got a new job every time you see him. It isn’t that Jim’s a bad employee; It’s just that he sought after something more than a job. Jim wanted a career that made him feel fulfilled. 

Jim’s wanted to do something more with his life ever since he can remember. Growing up was tough. Dyslexic, ADHD, and often sick, Jim felt like an alien among his peers. Still, he decided early on that he would try to live his life with meaning.  Why? “Because I need to,” Jim says. He’s seen up close how fragile and short life is. “I’ve had life hit me in the face so many times that I don’t take it for granted,” he explains.  

The First Healing Ceremony

The opportunity to do something more came up unexpectedly. Jim was on the phone with a good friend of his, listening to her talk about a problem she’s had for twenty years. At that moment, Jim decided to help her. He wasn’t quite sure what form help would take, but his instincts told him to meditate. 

Jim comes from a family that practices complementary medicine; His mom and sister are homeopaths and reiki masters. He knows that attention and awareness hold weight and magic. “I sat and connected and really tried to use my intention to help a friend,” he explains. 

When Jim called his friend back, she was crying. She couldn’t believe she felt so much when Jim was countries away. What’s more, whatever Jim did connected him to his friend; Now, he knew things about her that no one else did. She was astounded. After this first session, Jim knew this was what he wanted to do with his life. “I hit a knowing within me,” he says. “Doing this attaches me to that poetry beneath life.”

Word got out, and more people asked if Jim could do what he did for his friend. He sat in a similar fashion for his sister, and she too told him afterward that Jim knew things about her that no one else knows. 

The Process 

The Healing Ceremony goes like this: Jim sits with objects around him to encourage his connection to his client (Sometimes, he listens to his own music). There’s no technology involved, so Jim can’t physically see who he’s connecting to. He sits for half an hour and meditates. Afterward, he’ll send the client twenty minutes of audio feedback. Some people like to do a postgame video chat with Jim; Others prefer to sit with it alone. 

The connection appears improbable, but Jim’s words resonate with his clients. The experience is intimate and vulnerable, but Jim tries to deliver everything he hears in an empowering and positive way. When he encounters something difficult, he feels it’s his responsibility to present it to them in a way that promotes growth. “When someone comes along and says, ‘This is what you’re showing me,’ you see how you impact the world,” Jim says. “It changes your frequency and expands your energy.” It’s affirming, both for the client and in the magic in the world.

The Work of Self-Love

Though Jim tries not to harp on the negative, he’s a Buddhist, and one of the core tenets of Buddhism is that suffering is an unavoidable part of life. “What is life if not a list of experiences?” he asks. “Some of them are supposed to hurt. You don’t come to life to just be happy.” 

Jim doesn’t consider his work brave; Instead, he calls it honest (Though honesty is courageous in its own right). He loves that he provides something that people really value. “I’m honored to be able to bring some kind of quality to life that other people don’t bring,” he says. Still, Jim doesn’t think he’s uniquely suited for this work. Instead, he says, “Everyone is ‘psychic.’ Everyone can feel things and see things. Everyone is intuitive and has a connection to the subtle qualities of life. Most of us haven’t actually developed it or done anything with it or believed in it.” 

Much of his work is teaching his clients the value of self-love. Many of his clients are reiki masters—People who believe that the world holds universal energy that can flow through the healer into a client. The work of tapping into those energy channels and not depleting yourself in the process is a balancing act. Without self-care, reiki can be exhausting. Jim reminds people that they need to take care of themselves. 

That being said, self-love is something Jim’s still learning for himself. Jim’s both Indian and English, and he grew up in the United Kingdom. Jim isn’t exempt from that culturally English tendency towards reservation, and he tries to counteract that through journaling. He sits in silence with a journal and a pen and lets his emotions flow out of him. As a Buddhist, he chants every, and he exercises and practices yoga whenever he can. He strives to honor each moment and find poetry in life.

Connect with Jim

Trained in Shamanic Healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, and Sound Healing, Jim Rajan is a distance healer whose one-on-one Healing Ceremonies offer clients a chance to feel seen. Sometimes, Jim uses music he composed himself as part of the Healing Ceremony. He also posts guided visualizations, music for meditative practice, and weekly live visualisation on the meditation app InsightTimer. Jim’s book, Boost Your Life in 30 Days, is available on Amazon. You can follow him on Instagram and Facebook.  

Giving is Good

Jim supports Momentum Children’s Charity, a family support service in London. Jim’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer when she was two, and Momentum reached out to Jim and his wife at the hospital. They provided small comforts, like tea and someone to talk to. For Jim and his wife, it was just nice to have someone else there. You can read more about the specific services they offer here. Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

"When you've given up on any kind of magic that life might hold, life becomes this superficial thing that you're bored of. Nothing exists until you do."

- Jim Rajan

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Meet your Host, Heather Vickery

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