Chris Davis portrait

Claiming Myself

With Featured Guest

Chris Davis

Creative • Authentic • Resilient

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Chris Davis portrait

Claiming Myself

With Featured Guest

Chris Davis

Creative • Authentic • Resilient

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Top Takeaways From This Episode

  • The [Mormon] church is like Santa Claus, it’s not real.
  • Sometimes the places that we find the most comfort are not the safest places for us.
  • Choosing your family over everything else will always be the right decision.
  • Watching others step into their own power helps us to do the same thing.

“I called the bishop a prick…In that moment I claimed myself”

And that's when it all really started!

Chris Davis is out and proud as a lesbian after being married to a kind man for nearly 25 years. She left the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) after 38 years of faithful devotion. And now she is coming out as a published author of her own memoir, soon to be released in 2022!

Strength In Numbers

Like so many others Chris Davis found her community and found the comfort that came along with it. Chris found her community within the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-Day Saint. However, it took her youngest child coming out for her to realize the strength and power that she possessed all along.

“In That Moment I claimed Myself”

Life is complicated, but some things are simple. When Chris's youngest child came out as Transgender it was clear that she and her child would not be welcome in their church community. For Chris, this decision was painful but simple. She would have to leave the church and, thus, the only community she had ever really known.

The secrets we keep

Chris’s child knew that they were trans for some time but held back in their coming out journey to protect their mom. As soon as Chris’s child took the brave leap to come out Chris found no other option but to choose her child over the assumed safety and comfort of the church. But the surprises and reveal secrets weren't over yet.

Inspiration from strange places

Looking back, Chris is able to say that she always knew she was a lesbian. But in her community, being LGBTQ simply was not an option. After seeing her child bravely speak their truth, she felt inspired to do the same.

But coming out meant a lot of things for Chris. Up to that point, she had never had a career, she had no income and very little support. But it was time to make the brave leap. So, living off of a savings account, Chris made the decision to leave her husband and start her new journey as a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Chris's story is of the truest, deepest kind of love … Both of our children and ourselves.

Get to know Chris

While you wait for her memoir to be published, you can find Chris on Facebook, Instagram, and on her website.

Giving is Good

Chris’s favorite charity is Mama Dragons. Mama Dragons is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that supports, educates, and empowers mothers of LGBTQ children. Since 2013, it has grown from just a handful of moms to an organization that now supports over 7,000 mothers. Mama Dragons’ focus is on providing safe online spaces and educational programs where mothers can learn and connect with other Mama Dragons traveling similar paths as they learn accepting and affirming parenting practices that can help prevent LGBTQ youth suicide, depression, and homelessness.

"It broke my heart to know that my keeping him in the church was adding to his difficulties in coming out."

- Chris Davis

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