Dr Aaron Smith Education Equality, A Community Effort The Brave Files Podcast

Education Equality, A Community Effort

With Featured Guest

Aaron Smith


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Dr Aaron Smith Education Equality, A Community Effort The Brave Files Podcast

Education Equality, A Community Effort

With Featured Guest

Aaron Smith


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Top Takeaways From This Episode

  • Education is a community effort. 
  • The problems in our public school systems demand bold, creative solutions.   
  • Sometimes, the most powerful tool in our possession is our capacity to ask for help.
  • We hold the future in our hands as we support and shape our children.
  • Kids don’t care what you know until they know you care.

“We have a problem.”

Dr. Aaron Smith knew something was wrong from the moment he began his career in public education. He watched—First from his position as a math teacher, then later as a school administrator—As students dealt with poverty, homelessness, bullying, and child abuse. He watched as students walked across their high school graduation stage, terrified and unprepared for the next chapter of their lives. Not all students struggled in the same way, but Dr. Smith knew that every single one of them deserved a shot at carving a good life for themselves post-graduation. 

Armed with over twenty-one years in the field, and inspired by a TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson, Dr. Smith offers his vision for how to make our school system more equitable in his new novel, Blank Check. The first step, he explains, is to turn to the community for help.  

Dr. Aaron Smith Education Equality, A Community Effort The Brave Files Podcast. Mindset matters in education. Blank Check. Author. Education Equality must be a Community Effort

Education Equality must be a community effort

When it comes to creating meaningful change in the public school system, transparency is key. Dr. Smith asserts that it is up to the administration to identify areas where the school needs help, then broadcast that need to the community (Ask and ye shall receive, if you will). This is especially helpful on a volunteering basis—For example, if a school needs extra hands at a science fair.

When schools need money, on the other hand, Dr. Smith encourages schools to pursue grants. He calls these “hidden treasures” that can be used to bring schools up-to-date with the latest technology. Technological advancements in schools are a major tool for transformation, Dr. Smith says, both because they can help accommodate different learning styles and because they prepare students for today’s expanding digital workplace. 

He cites former President Obama’s ConnectED program, which sought to provide all K-12 schools with internet access, as one of the more helpful contemporary public school initiatives. Through ConnectED, the Obama Administration partnered with several major technology companies to connect students to the internet; For example, Sprint pledged to provide students with home internet access for four years (The application process for this program is now closed). 

The power of human connection

One of the most surefire ways we can transform the public school system, Smith adds, is to simply be present in the classroom. When he first started out as an administrator, Dr. Smith felt like there were days when he couldn’t connect with the students. This was hard for him because that camaraderie was one of his favorite parts of teaching. It took the absence of connection, he explains, to realize that “You connect with kids by being in the classroom.” Those of us who have worked in public education in any capacity knows that it is no small task to remain a consistent presence in the dynamic, sometimes turbulent landscape of the classroom, but it’s also our best shot at changing students’ lives.

Dr. Aaron Smith Education Equality, A Community Effort The Brave Files Podcast. Mindset matters in education. Blank Check. Author

Learn more and connect with Dr. Aaron Smith

Dr. Aaron Smith is a school administrator with over twenty years of experience in the education field.  He currently serves as the Program Director for Denbigh High School Aviation Academy in Newport News, Virginia. He is also the author of Awakening Your Stem School and, most recently, Blank Check. You can check out his website here.

Education in the time of COVID. A live conversation with Dr. Aaron Smith, The Brave Files Podcast ep. 130.

Education in the time of COVID

We conducted this interview before the world faced a global pandemic. Now teachers and families, across the nation, are struggling to balance it all in an already imperfect educational system. Because of this drastic change, We've invited Aaron to join us for a LIVE conversation to talk about how the pandemic is affecting children, educators, and families and what we, as a community, can do about it. Join me and Dr. Aaron Smith LIVE on Friday, September 4th at 5 pm CST    ***PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A DIFFERENT TIME THAN LISTED IN THE EPISODE *** via either The Brave Files Facebook page or our Facebook collective Brave on Purpose.

Giving is Good

Aaron’s favorite charity is the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP), which offers aid for United States veterans and service members who sustained injuries on or after September 11, 2001. As he currently leads an Aviation Academy, it feels right that Dr. Smith’s favorite charity is committed to helping the Armed Forces. You can read about how the WWP is helping veterans find employment during the pandemic here.

"I've seen so many kids that are just so brilliant but they don't know how to communicate it in one facet. If you change a few things-Let's say, make it a kinesthetic instead of a linguistic test-They knock it out of the park. That helps not only with their confidence but it shows them that they can sustain a very fruitful life."

- Aaron Smith

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Meet your Host, Heather Vickery

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