Non Wels is a self-proclaimed “feely person.” He’s a mental health advocate, writer, and empath. After growing up with a violent father and battling anorexia for years, Non is here to walk us down his path towards healing. He shares his journey through emotional wayfinding, empathy, and how he eventually learned to encourage others to do the same. The Brave Files Podcast.

Embracing Empathy

With Featured Guest

Non Wels


Top Takeaways From This Episode

  • There can’t be bravery without vulnerability.
  • It’s empowering to recognize our own unique needs.
  • Everyone’s voice is valuable. We all have a story to share.
  • As an empath, you have to create boundaries and be mindful of how it works for you.

Non Wels is a self-proclaimed “feely person.” He’s a mental health advocate, writer, and empath. After growing up with a violent father and battling anorexia for years, Non is here to walk us down his path towards healing.

Avoiding Vulnerability

From an early age, Non learned to avoid vulnerability. His general sensitivity, combined with his father’s violent tendencies, resulted in the building up of emotional walls. Overall, Non felt terrified – unable to truly experience or express his emotions. Eventually, this intense guard became damaging.

In his late teens, Non developed anorexia. Subsequently, he spent a decade battling before coming to terms with his struggle. His aversion to vulnerability kept him from doing the emotional inner work needed to heal and grow.


Embracing Emotions

At the lowest point in his journey, weighing just 118 pounds, a doctor told Non he needed to change or his heart would stop. So that’s what he did; he made a commitment to change – his heart. He allowed others in. Non nurtured a curiosity about his emotions and began his transformational journey.

Over time, Non learned the value in embracing empathy and vulnerability. Years of therapy and deep personal growth brought him enough peace to begin breaking down his emotional walls. He realized the importance of focusing on emotional wayfinding in his own recovery journey.


Helpful Resources Mentioned in Non’s Interview:

Authentic Happiness and the 24 Key Character Strengths (Positive Psychology)


Information about Eating Disorders


Connect with Non

Non’s podcast, You, Me, Empathy, is a safe space for others to share their own mental health stories. He believes deeply in the power of vulnerability, empathy and emotional wayfinding in recovering and dealing with mental health issues.

He's also built an incredible mental health community called The Feely Human Collective. You should totally go check it out!

Learn more about Non on his website and connect with him via Facebook and Instagram


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Giving is Good

Non supports Project Heal, an organization focused on helping people through all stages of eating disorder recovery. Project Heal provides guidance through peer mentorship and access to affordable treatments and care.

Learn more about the ways you can get involved by visiting their website.

"We are all worthy of love, and we all have the power to make an impact!"

- Non Wels

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Meet your Host, Heather Vickery

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