Pain • Growth • Joy

show notes:
Trigger Warning: This episode contains discussion around childhood depression and suicide which may not be suitable for some listeners.

Kip Brooks is a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). He teaches the importance of gratitude, celebration, and mindset when it comes to moving through life in a successful way. This wasn’t, however, always the case for Kip. He struggled with severe depression for years. In fact, some of his first memories are of suicidal thoughts at the young age of 8. 


A Painful Childhood


Some of Kip’s earliest memories are of sadness, loneliness, and despair. With a high-functioning alcoholic father and parents who always fought, Kip never saw a model of happiness in his own childhood. He often went to sleep with the hopes of never waking up. He lived with a deep pain that no one (especially a child) should ever have to experience. Yet, this was his reality for years.


Kip never felt comfortable discussing emotions with his parents; he simply didn’t receive that support at home when he was young. Kip's mother did the best she could, especially fter his father passed away when Kip was 15. At that point, he began self-medicating with alcohol and stolen antidepressants. Sadly, this is the path many neglected children find themselves on.


The Spark of Awareness


After years of suffering, Kip, finally, began to realize that there could be happiness in the world. While it took close to a decade for him to fully make a life change, he was at least aware of the possibilities. What Kip learned (and we 100% believe is important here at Vickery and Co and The Brave Fles) is that awareness makes all the difference; it’s always the first step towards change. In turn, he finally decided to visit a few doctors who prescribed various medications to regulate his depression.


A Different Kind of Healing


After years of taking antidepressants, Kip realized medication wasn’t the right choice for his healing. He knew, personally, that he needed to try a different path. Next he dove into natural supplements and mindset work. Eventually he became a personal growth seminar junkie.


It was after immersing himself in the world of self-improvement that the light bulb switched on. Kip realized that he was the person responsible for his own empowerment. He held the power to change his own life. Now to put that power into action!


Tears, Tears, and Tears


Kip describes his journey in three major pieces. His childhood consisted of tears of pain. Subsequently, there were tears of growth. Now, he experiences tears of joy. He teaches us the power of healing. It's through cleansing ourselves of painful experiences that we see the path laid out ahead of us. Kip’s bravery in sharing his truth is an example to all of us. Vulnerability pushes us to grow, and it connects us in more ways than we can imagine.



Helpful Resources Mentioned In Kip’s Interview:


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Top Takeaways:
  • Bravery doesn’t always have to be big. We can be brave in small ways.
  • Awareness is the first step in changing everything.
  • There are so many ways to find healing.
  • There’s power in recognizing when you're choosing bravely in the moment.
  • There’s so much value in teaching our children about love, joy, and celebration.
Giving Is Good!

Fully understanding the importance of joy, Kip supports Make-A-Wish. This organization grants wishes – no matter how big! – for children with critical illnesses. Make-A-Wish provides hope and happiness for children and families coping with painful situations. Learn more about this wonderful organization and ways you can get involved here.

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