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This is what I explore with my guests on The Brave Files, a podcast featuring people who live courageously and helping ALL of us who are working to transform doubt and worry into fuel that will propel us toward our dreams and get through the tough times.

More amazing brave stories

True Colors

Now’s the time for radical authenticity.
In our first-ever, solo episode, Heather Vickery shares a story of growth, self-trust, and

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Go With The Flow

De’Nicea Hilton hopes to reframe people’s perspectives on their menstrual cycle. Armed with wisdom from both her academic background and

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Radical Self-Acceptance

Susan Vernicek is on a mission to help people discover their capacity for self-acceptance, self-appreciation, and achievement. Susan’s incredible story

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Prioritize Your Joy

Terry Niemann is a warrior. After suffering from three concussions in three years, she’s well-acquainted with how the universe can

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I'm Heather Vickery

Host and Executive Producer of The Brave Files Podcast.

Each and everyday around the globe, people are showing up for themselves and making a difference in the lives of others with their courageous journeys. Those stories are important to showing others that anything is possible.

If your story is one of acknowledging your fears, being intentional and showing up for yourself even when everything felt like so much, then, I want to share your story.