Paige Chenault, founder of The Birthday Party Project, encourages us to live bigger and spread joy in order to change lives. The Brave Files.

Joy • Grit • Compassion

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It's Celebration Week here at The Brave Files!


This week we welcome Paige Chenault to the Brave Files family. Paige is the founder of The Birthday Party Project, an amazing nonprofit organization that throws birthday parties for homeless children. If you haven’t heard of this life-changing organization, you’re going to want to tune in. No doubt about it, the world needs more people like Paige encouraging us to live bigger and spread joy. This is how we change lives!


Bringing Joy To The Homeless


The Birthday Party Project partners with homeless shelters and transitional living facilities to throw birthday parties for the kids and families staying there. “Birthday Enthusiasts” (volunteers) give their time to throw the biggest monthly birthday bashes you can imagine. It takes an entire community to make these parties happen, so The Birthday Party Project truly relies on the giving spirit of their diverse group of volunteers. It's through these volunteer efforts that we see just how much joy changes the lives of everyone involved.


Every month, children celebrating their birthday receive a cake and presents. In addition, there are games and activities for all party-goers to enjoy. It’s truly a gigantic celebration! At least for this hour a month, children receive the chance to simply be kids and experience joy. It’s an overwhelmingly heartwarming experience for everyone involved.


The Impact of Joy and Celebration


Paige sees the impact of these birthday parties firsthand. Oftentimes, the guests of honor have never celebrated their birthday before. It may be their first time experiencing this level of attention or receiving so many warm wishes. The result of the celebration is often an obvious boost of confidence for the birthday children and their parents.


Paige sees children walk out of the room with their heads held high and their shoulders back. Obviously, this moment in time provides each child with a sense of normalcy. It infuses a little joy into their life circumstances. Imagine how you feel when you're celebrated. Now picture what that feeling could do for a child who is homeless. In short, it can literally change lives.


A Ripple Effect of Joy


The Birthday Party Project creates ripples of joy throughout the communities they touch. After each party, all over the country, morale at the agencies is boosted. A sense of community within each of the shelters or organizations increases too. Additionally, the children who are celebrated are shown they are not alone – a profound moment in any child’s life.  The Birthday Party Project is, undoubtedly, changing the world one joyful celebration at a time.


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Paige Chenault, founder of The Birthday Party Project, encourages us to live bigger and spread joy in order to change lives. The Brave Files.
Top Takeaways:
  • There is certainly power in ensuring the decisions we're making have a why behind them.
  • It's okay to say no. It's okay to give yourself a break, so that others can jump in and do what they're great at – we're stronger when we share the load and let others lead on occassion.
  • Playing small does not serve the world – live bigger!
  • No doubt about it, joy changes lives.
Giving Is Good!

Coupled with The Birthday Party Project, Paige supports No Kid Hungry an organization focused on ending childhood hunger through school meal programs, research, education, and advocacy. Paige sees children stock up on their food at their birthday parties, so she witnesses the hunger these children face firsthand. Clearly, no child should be forced to live a life of such food scarcity, so No Kid Hungry continues to fight.

More About Paige:

We encourage you to learn more about The Birthday Party Project via their website. Read about their mission, find ways to donate, or sign up to get involved.


The Birthday Party Project has been featured all over – from The Today Show to New York Times Magazine. Check out some of their amazing work here.


Connect with Paige


Connect with Paige and The Birthday Party Project on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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