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Andrew Moxon was just a guy who liked Twitter and speaking his mind. Then his thoughts turned him into a powerful force responsible for opening the eyes of people all over the world. He’s a writer who went viral on Twitter after comparing microaggressions of general violence towards women to being “kicked in the nuts.” He’s funny, upfront, and entertaining. And he’s a feminist – something we can surely get behind here at The Brave Files! Andrew chooses to bravely start intense conversations in order to create an atmosphere of change.


In Response To The Kavanaugh Hearings


We all remember it clearly – the demonstration of complete disregard for the impact abuse causes. It sends ripples through the life of the victim. When Dr. Christine Blasey Ford stood up and shared her traumatic experience, many people didn’t believe her. Who did she think she was? How could someone as powerful and influential as Brett Kavanaugh be knocked down by the simple accusations of a woman? Just typing these words brings up feelings of such rage and resentment.

We believed her. Andrew Moxon believed her. We all still believe her.


The Kavanaugh hearings were extremely painful for many people who bore witness to the abuse our society blindly accepts. After reading countless reactions in response to these hearings, Andrew noticed a common thread. The overall replies weren’t of resignation or defeatism. As Andrew explains it, this was more a rage with nowhere to go.


He took to Twitter to share his observations. The first of many tweets is below but you can see the entire thread here. 

Andrew Moxon, Twitter, @JulisGoat, Kavanaugh Hearings, Heather Vickery, The Brave Files

The Uncomfortable Truth


Andrew knew that his privilege allowed him to speak up and be loud about this topic in a way that others wouldn’t be able to. The fact that statements on Twitter carry more weight coming from a white male proves this point entirely. As such, Andrew acknowledges this and works to create an atmosphere where we can share in open dialogue. While it’s true – –  we can’t change minds through argument; people need to change their own minds – – It’s our job to bravely start the conversation.


We Can Make A Difference


Friends, we are called to be vocal. It’s no longer acceptable to sit back and remain a bystander. When we know better, we must do better. Change will happen if we’re willing to stand up and fight!


Twitter was on fire during Andrew's tweet storm. Below is one of the tweets our host, Heather Vickery, this is the most impactful.

Andrew Moxon, Julius Goat, Twitter, Viral Tweets, Kavanaugh Hearings, #metoo, brave, Heather Vickery
More About Andrew:

Andrew uses both Twitter and his blog to dive deeper into the underlying premises behind current arguments. He understands the importance of naming the issue and reframing it in a way that applies to a broader audience. It’s through this conversation that minds are opened. In truth, we can't force others into change. Therefore, we must use the voices we have to create an atmosphere that supports discussion and transformation.


And Now A Published Author


Andrew's new book, The Revisionaries,  hit the shelves the same day Heather's new book, Grow Grateful, did! Make it a double feature and grab both books right now!


You can also connect with Andrew via Twitter or Facebook.


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Andrew's review of his book, The Revisionaries.

Top Takeaways:
  • Conversation is the way we create change. 
  • We are called at this time to be vocal; it is no longer okay to sit back and be quiet. 
  • Part of becoming a true ally is speaking up when you have a platform to do so. 
  • We all have the ability to create powerful impact.
Andrew Moxon is a writer who went viral on Twitter after comparing microaggressions of general violence towards women to being “kicked in the balls.” He chooses to create an atmosphere of change, because we CAN make a difference if we stand up and fight! The Brave Files.
Giving Is Good!

As an activist standing up for social justice, Andrew supports The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES). This nonprofit defends the rights of refugees and immigrants while working to create a more compassionate society. RAICES provides free and low-cost legal services to underserved refugees, immigrant children and their families. Essentially, they stand up for human rights!

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