On this Thanksgiving Day, listeners and loved ones of The Brave Files Podcast call in to share their gratitude. Let's grow grateful together!

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Does gratitude ever feel difficult? We, at The Brave Files Podcast, know it isn’t always the easiest thing to focus on. Nevertheless, it’s the hard things that push us to grow! But here’s the thing, friend. While feeling grateful may not always be easy, it certainly is simple.


That’s why we’ve created a special gratitude episode once again this year. Without a doubt, it’s through the simple routine of a gratitude practice that we begin to actually shift our mindset towards one of happiness and positivity. We’re working to build a community of people focused on gratitude, because we know we can’t do it alone. Let’s grow grateful together!


We hope you enjoy this episode featuring our listeners, loved ones, and team.


Why Is Gratitude So Important?


I’ve said it before, but consistent gratitude changes everything. When you make gratitude a habit, you train your brain to focus on the good. In addition, the more you focus on it the stronger it becomes. Eventually, your gratitude practice becomes routine. And just like that – you’ll experience a fuller, more joyful life.


Check out more of my thoughts on gratitude here.


What To Do When Gratitude Feels Hard


We’re all human, and no human is perfect. Unquestionably, there are always going to be times when gratitude doesn’t come quite as easily as we’d like. Whether it’s one bad day or series of not-so-great weeks, rely on that habit is where you’re find strength.


When gratitude feels exceptionally difficult, try this:

  • Write it down. A change definitely occurs when we shift from thinking about what we’re grateful for to actually putting pen to paper. Indeed, no matter how surface-level your list seems, write it down.
  • Ground yourself. Stop and identify five things you can immediately see, touch, smell, or hear that you are grateful for. This exercise brings you to a more present state and really shows you can find gratitude anywhere.
  • Find a community of gratitude. Everything’s better when we’re together! It’s not always enough to simply identify what you’re grateful for. You also need to share it with those around you. Tell a friend. Shout it from the rooftops. Whatever you do, do it with others.


Where To Find A Grateful Community


This is a good one, friends. I’ve started a Facebook community where we can all focus on growing grateful together! Additionally, we’re bringing our kids into the conversation and building a community of gratitude. I’d absolutely love for you to join us. Head over to the group here.

On this Thanksgiving Day, listeners and loved ones of The Brave Files Podcast call in to share their gratitude. Let's grow grateful together!
Our listeners hae so much to be grateful for. Here are a few highlights from this wonderful episode:
  • Second chances.
  • Being born into a family that can support me.
  • The love of God in my life.
  • An opportunity to share my story.
  • All of the amazing people in my village.
  • The people in the whole entire world, animals, and unicorns!
  • A body that can heal and scars that tell their stories.
  • Having so much more than enough.
  • My kids and their health.
  • Connecting with creative people.
  • That I’ve broken through my fear.
  • Freedom and family.
  • My ability to grow and change as a person.
  • Feeling of sunlight upon my skin.
  • Allies.
  • I am grateful for CANDY!
Giving Is Good!

By this point, you clearly know how important charitable support is to us at The Brave Files Podcast. As a result, we are highlighting a specific charity doing essential and impactful work in the world. 


In turn, we encourage you to learn about Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting hate, teaching tolerance, and seeking justice. Focused on protecting society’s most vulnerable members, Southern Poverty Law Center aims their efforts on all issues from LGBTQ rights and immigrant justice to children’s rights and criminal justice reform – and everything in between!


Get involved!


We invite you to learn more about their organization and give in any way you can. Whether it’s time, money, resources, or simply sharing their information and mission, anything you can do makes a difference.

Grow Grateful: A Gratitude Journal For Kids And Families

Did you know that The Brave Files host, Heather Vickery, has created another Gratitude Journal? This journal is geared towards families and encourages building healthy gratitude practices together.


You know what’s even better? It’s available in just a few days!  


Clearly, we can’t wait to share the details of the book with you and how you can start developing intentional time with your kids dedicated to gratitude. Sign up here to receive all the information – officially available December 3rd!

Grow Grateful: A gratitude Journal for kids and families. Heather Vickery, success and leadership coach. Intentional Bravery.

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