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Supna Doshi shows true grit and determination. After a decade of infertility struggles, she gave birth to triplets and then birthed a business of her own. Supna lives by paying attention to what the universe offers and shrugging off struggle in order to lead a happy life.


A Decade-Long Struggle


Supna and her husband faced a long battle with unexplained infertility. There were countless tests, and they experienced month after month of waiting and hoping. Without a doubt, their battle with infertility was an emotional roller coaster.


During this time, Supna realized there weren’t many people who were outwardly vocal about their fertility struggles. As such, she is always open to sharing her personal journey. Infertility connects so many people.


(Our past episode, The Face of Infertility, is a great reference here.)


Birthing Babies and a Business


After years of on-and-off treatments, Supna discovered she was pregnant with triplets! Her support system was strong. She faced the challenge of parenting head on. While her children were still toddlers, inspiration struck. Soon after, she founded her business, WeGo kids.


Through study, observation, and a low-pressure attitude, resources started showing up for Supna. She never expected business growth, but the universe had other plans! Truly, the universe conspires for us.


Other Resources Mentioned in Supna’s Interview


Information about Infertility

The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

Top Takeaways:
  • Dealing with infertility is a heavy, emotional roller coaster.
  • A solid support system makes all the difference!
  • When you focus on growing your emotional intelligence, you improve the lives of everyone around you.
  • Our kids are born with the highest level of emotional intelligence and then we parent it out of them.
  • Kids are capable of so much more than we give them credit for!
  • The first step is always gratitude.
Giving Is Good!

Understanding the importance of support and emotional care, Supna supports The Mark Wandall Foundation. This non-profit facilitates support for children who have lost a family member or guardian. Through camps, events, education, and other resources, The Mark Wandall Foundation provides assistance and real support through grief. This kind of work makes an immeasurable difference in the life of a grieving child.

More About Supna:

From business interactions to raising children, Supna realizes emotional intelligence is the key. When we focus on emotional intelligence, we improve the lives of everyone around us. Supna found this especially true with children. They are born with the innate gift of awareness. Unfortunately, we tend to parent that out of them along the way. In turn, Supna’s main goal is to teach parents how to nurture and grow that emotional intelligence from the day a child is born.


Her business, WeGo kids, started as a children’s activewear clothing line but has since blossomed into a full-blown movement. Undoubtedly, the clothing line was the tool needed to move Supna’s business along the path to where it is today. Her website now contains parenting videos, activities, and various tools to assist parents in their journey to nurturing emotional intelligence.


Connect with Supna


We encourage you to learn more about Supna and emotional intelligence through her website. You can also connect with her via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Her podcast, From Me to We, is also a wonderful resource for those interested in all things related to parenting. It’s a great way to learn more about how to consciously focus on developing emotional intelligence every single day.

Supna's adorable triplets!

After a decade of infertility struggles, Supna Shah gave birth to triplets and birthed a business of her own focused on nurturing emotional intelligence in kids. Now, she understands the importance of following the universe’s lead and shrugging off the struggle in order to lead a happy life. The Brave Files.

Supna and her newborn triplets.

Supna Shah, Vickery and Co, Gratitude Journal. The Brave Files Podcast

Heather Vickery featured one of Supna's quotes in her new book, Gratitude Journal: Shift Your Focus. 

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