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Building A Family – EP. 66

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Kristy Rice shares some of the joys and sorrows that adoptive parents face when working to bravely build a family of their own. The Brave Files.



Top Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Adoption can be a long and emotional journey.
  • Listening to your intuition is so important.
  • When you change your perspective, your priorities change.
  • There’s no right or wrong way to become a family.

Show Notes:

Adoption can be a long and emotional process, says this week's guest Kristy Rice. Kristy bravely shares some of the joys and sorrows that adoptive parents face when working to build a family of their own in this heartfelt and beautiful episode.

An Uncertain Future

Kristy spent most of her life unsure if she wanted to be a mother or now. Like many people, she thought parenting sounded like a challenge she wasn’t called to face. However, after years of discernment – and natural attempts at conceiving – Kristy and her husband bravely decided to consider adoption.

As it turns out, there are many different types of adoption and they began researching everything. Then the agency interview process began. Unfortunately, this was a challenge. In truth, nothing felt right to Kristy. Meetings and conversations often resulted in intense emotions of sadness and overwhelm. Kristy felt called to more, but she was unsure of which path to motherhood was right for her. No agency felt like a good match, and she was disheartened.

Intuition Rules

Finally, Kristy decided to listen to and trust her intuition. She stepped back from the intensity of the adoption process and focused on her work. Following even more disappointment and heartache, Kristy experienced what she refers to as a “miracle moment.” Kristy and her husband connected with Faithful Adoption Consultants and soon were matched with a birth mother seeking adoptive parents for her unborn son.

An Emotional Connection

Finally, Kristy and her husband adopted a beautiful boy. They named him Isaac and Izzy is his adorable nickname. Shockingly, it was the instant emotional bond with Isaac’s birth mother that truly shook Kristy to her core. What can only be described as an immediate connection, Kristy’s perspective was forever changed through this encounter. Kristy understands the sacrifice that birth mothers make when giving a child up for adoption. It's the ultimate form of love, and Kristy never takes that gift for granted.

With joy, the new family maintains an open relationship with Isaac’s birth mother. With deep gratitude, they cherish her decision every single day.


Kristy Rice shares some of the joys and sorrows that adoptive parents face when working to bravely build a family of their own. The Brave Files.

More about Kristy

She's also the founder of a successful business, Momental Designs, which focuses on telling stories through art. Designing items like invitations, programs, invitations and more, Kristy’s team creates beautiful works of art for weddings, corporate events, and other gatherings.

Their custom creations are truly amazing; check out Kristy’s work on her website!

Connect with Kristy

We encourage you to connect with Kristy through Facebook and Instagram. She invites questions and conversation, so don’t hesitate to message her if you feel called to do so!

Giving is Good:

Kristy is passionate about adoption. As a result, she supports The Archibald Project. This organization focuses on telling stories of orphan care and improving the orphan crisis worldwide. The Archibald Project uses creative means, such as video sharing, podcasting, and written content, to share adoption stories and educate others on the importance of fighting to end the global orphan crisis.

Kristy Rice shares some of the joys and sorrows that adoptive parents face when working to bravely build a family of their own. The Brave Files.
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