Jayne Sanders discovered her life purpose as a Master Scientific Hand Analyst and Purpose Coach focusing on the Law of Attraction. The Brave Files.

Lost • Purpose • Fulfillment

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Searching for Purpose


What is your purpose in life? Perhaps you aren't yet sure – – Everyone has a purpose in life but identifying what it is isn't always easy.


Master Scientific Hand Analyst and Purpose Coach, Jayne Sanders is the right person to help you uncover your life's purpose and create a joy-filled life. But even Jayne didn't always know her purpose. After 25 years in the traditional workforce, she felt completely out of alignment. She even questioned her true desires and, truth be told, she was bored and unfulfilled.  


Like many of us, Jayne turned to the internet for information that would help her create change. To her surprise, this research uncovered Scientific Hand Analysis. Through personal experience, Jayne quickly became a true believer. Scientific Hand Analysis created powerful growth and change in Jayne's life and she dove into identifying the mark she was meant to leave on the world.


Purpose Through Analysis


Through her work, Jayne discovered the lines in your hands closely mimic the neuropathways in your brain. As a result, your hands reveal a great deal about your life’s purpose. With this powerful knowledge in hand, Jayne knew she could help other's discover this same truth. With her help, others create a larger, lasting impact on the world at large. In order to deepen her work, Jayne became a certified life coach in Law of Attraction.  


Living on Purpose


Through her own, life-altering experience and study, Jayne helps others discover scientific truths about themselves. She shares the gifts and value of listening to yourself, following your instincts, and living on purpose. Happiness is linked to fulfillment, there's science to prove it and the work is worth it.


Are you ready to truly know your life's purpose? Though oftentimes scary, change and transformation are powerful gifts. They leave a lasting impact on your life and the lives of those around you. Now is the time to take action!


Resources Mentioned in Jayne’s Interview


Scientific Hand Analysis Article on Forbes.com – How Hand Analysis Could Influence Your Success


The Law of Attraction


Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch


Jen Sincero’s Books – You Are a Badass and You Are a Badass at Making Money

Jayne Sanders discovered her life purpose as a Master Scientific Hand Analyst and Purpose Coach focusing on the Law of Attraction. The Brave Files.
Top Takeaways:
  • Trust yourself. There is something bigger out there than you have ever imagined.
  • There is real power in the ability to take charge and be on purpose, instead of just living on the sidelines.
  • The universe will support you, but it’s your job to take the leap.
Giving Is Good!

There is often a deep connection found between humans and horses. As such, Jayne supports Hope Held by a Horse, a non-profit providing equine therapy for women with breast cancer. Women learn, grow, and heal in this safe and positive environment. Hope Held by a Horse creates a space where that connection is nurtured, ultimately providing healing for these women who need it most.

More About Jayne:

Want your own Scientific Hand Analysis? Jayne is offering a $100 discount for listeners of The Brave Files! Email her at jayne@purposewisdom.com and mention the show to schedule.


The Brave Files Host, Heather Vickery, had a powerful and reaffirming analysis with Jayne. She says “This is a really fun and enlightening experience that's worth every penny!”


Connect with Jayne


Learn more about Jayne through her website. Read more about Scientific Hand Analysis and Purpose Coaching.


Additionally, follow Jayne’s work via Facebook or LinkedIn. She's passionate about her purpose and looks forward to continued growth and connection!

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