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The Power of Emotional Awareness – EP. 59

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Understanding the importance of communication and connection, Courtney Harris coaches teens on how to effectively express their emotions in order to promote healthy relationships. The Brave Files.



Top Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Having tools to put a “pause” in social interaction is really powerful.
  • For teenagers, there’s something very powerful about having someone outside of your family to depend on.
  • Being able to acknowledge the darker parts of ourselves is a step towards growing with intention.
  • Anxiety is a normal human experience and shouldn’t be stigmatized.

Show Notes:

Courtney Harris bravely shapes our future generation. As an emotional coach for children, specifically teenagers, she guides adolescents through the process of discovering the benefits of emotional awareness. Importantly, it’s her background in education that gives her a distinct advantage in understanding what truly makes a difference in the lives of young people.

An Emotional Experience

Unfortunately, as a teenager, Courtney often felt depressed, anxious, and disconnected. Additionally, she never quite had the words to describe her experience. As a result of these confusing emotions, Courtney struggled to connect and effectively communicate with the people around her.

Consequently, it was this personal experience with real, challenging emotions that led Courtney to her work with adolescents. She understands the toll a disconnect can take on a family. Just as she faced anxiety in her day-to-day life, Courtney saw this consistently happening in the lives of teens today.

From the Classroom to Coaching

Courtney began her career in the classroom. After ten years of teaching, she shifted to a coaching role. Her experience educating teenagers on the benefits of social and emotional learning gave way to a love of empowering adolescents.

Her work as a coach focuses on self-advocacy. As a whole, she educates teens and their families on how to create a space where all members have an active voice. Undoubtedly, there is nothing more powerful than teaching a child to advocate for themselves and express their needs effectively. As a teenager’s brain develops, it is so important to give them the tools to identify, handle, and discuss their emotions.

Noteworthy Mentions During Courtney’s Interview

Teenage Brain Development

15 Ways I've Said ‘Yes' In My Life – An article written by Courtney Harris

Year of the Yes – by Shonda Rhimes

Positive Discipline

Gretchen Rubin's One-Sentence Journal

More About Courtney

Courtney’s work changes lives. Not only is she teaching children to identify and express their emotions in a healthy way, but she is also impacting entire families. Imagine receiving the tools necessary to communicate effectively, avoiding major frustrations along the way. It’s something we could all benefit from, but it literally changes everything for a teenager learning to navigate their emotions!

Additional Resources

Courtney’s website provides a wealth of information for parents interested in learning how to better connect with their teenager. We encourage you to connect and learn more.

Aside from her 1:1 coaching with teens, young adults, and their parents, Courtney holds various workshops designed to dive deeper into emotional awareness.

Connect with Courtney

Courtney invites connection! You can find her on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.

Giving is Good:

As a true believer in advocacy, Courtney supports SAFE in Austin, Texas. The organization aims to end child abuse, sexual assault and exploitation, and domestic violence. Additionally, SAFE provides educational and comprehensive services to those affected by abuse in all forms.

Unquestionably, abuse creates a traumatic ripple throughout an individual’s lifetime. It seeps into relationships with family and the community as a whole. Organizations like SAFE are vital to the healing process and the fight against violence on a large scale.

Understanding the importance of communication and connection, Courtney Harris coaches teens on how to effectively express their emotions in order to promote healthy relationships. The Brave Files.
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Heather Vickery
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