Through the Face of Infertility Project, Alaina Bos is determined to normalize discussion about infertility. The Brave Files.

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Normalizing The Discussion


Alaina Bos is determined to normalize the discussion about infertility. A Chicago-based photographer, Alaina conceived of a project now titled' The Face of Infertility.' The project brings the struggle of infertility to light through support, unity, and photographs. Originally a personal means to work through her own fertility struggles, Alaina’s project now connects women of all backgrounds, cultures, and races by providing a space for their stories to be heard and honored.


A Personal Struggle


Unfortunately, Alaina experienced her own journey through the challenges of infertility. Not only did she live with the effects of endometriosis, but she also dealt with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). Sadly, both have the potential to impact a woman’s ability to conceive. Additionally, endometriosis and PCOS often produce painful side effects that interfere with a woman’s normal lifestyle. Through this struggle, Alaina experienced an array of emotions and she felt as though her body failed her.  


Struggle Leads to Celebration


Eventually, Alaina underwent surgery to remove the endometriosis. She subsequently turned to acupuncture and Chinese herbs for relief and increased fertility. Fortunately, these methods worked and she welcomed a healthy baby into the world.


Making An Impact


Soon, Alaina felt called to shine a light on the pain and loneliness of infertility. Thus began ‘The Face of Infertility' project. Using her skills as a photographer, Alaina highlights the stories of women experiencing their own fertility struggles. She's compiling photos and stories with plans to create a coffee table book. Women need to know they are not alone, and this project does just that.

Top Takeaways:
  • Infertility looks different for everyone who experiences it.
  • The more we talk about infertility, the more we decrease the stigma associated with fertility struggles.
  • Maintaining a positive mindset leads to confidence.
  • Infertility doesn’t discriminate.
Giving Is Good!

Understanding the deep impact of infertility, Alaina supports the Kevin J. Lederer Life Foundation. The foundation provides education and financial assistance to people who are struggling with infertility. The cost of medical intervention is unbelievably high. Thankfully, this foundation works to alleviate some of that burden for those in need of help.  

Learn more about ‘The Face of Infertility' project:

Ultimately, Alaina believes that through sharing these extremely personal – yet very relatable – stories, women of all races, backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles will start to feel less alone. Undoubtedly, creating an atmosphere of support is what the world needs.


The project was recently featured on WGN. It's a great segment to help you see what it's like to work on this project.


Connect with Alaina


Alaina is still looking for women who are open to sharing their stories of infertility. If you are Chicago-based, or willing to travel, please reach out to her at  


Get to know Alaina by visiting her website or connect via Facebook and Instagram.

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