Danny Jones is Santa Claus. He joins The Brave Files Podcast to share his experience and why he loves being Santa Claus all year long.

Joy • Love • Happiness

show notes:

This week's guest knows firsthand about the bravery of sharing joy and love. The reason why is truly magical; Danny Jones is Santa Claus! In this interview, Danny's true, kind-hearted spirit shines through as he describes his love for filling such an important role.


Ho-Ho-Home is where it all began.

At first, Danny began his work as Santa with family and close friends. Now, his work has grown to include department stores and professional photo shoots. Additionally, Danny happily fills the role of Santa on a regular basis while out and about. Believe it or not, Danny says children regularly stop him in the grocery store or while out on a walk and ask him if he's Santa. “Of course, he replies!”


His authentic white hair and beard make him the real deal and children can spot him a mile away. Kindly, Danny is always prepared to step into his alter ego at a moments notice.


Santa School (no joke!)

You didn't think just anyone could be Santa Claus, did you? Danny annually attends the C.W. Howard Santa Claus School in Midland, Michigan. It’s the oldest Santa school in the world and that is pretty magical.


The school teaches Santas from all over the world, as a result, these are the best of the best. Training covers everything from speaking and mannerisms to proper health and exercise. Hours upon hours of lifting children and wearing a fuzzy suit can be extremely strenuous, believe it or not.


Personally, we are glad Santa is taking good care of himself!

The Brave Files Podcast celebrates the holidays and interviews Santa Claus a.k.a Danny Jones
Top Takeaways:
  • There’s no person that can tell if your genuine or not more than a child.
  • Joy shared is happiness returned.
  • Everyone is deserving of love.
  • True magic can be found in the eyes of a child.
Giving Is Good!

Danny is proud to support Bartow County Shop with a Hero. The organization provides hundreds of local children with the gifts and joy they deserve at Christmas while allowing them to experience it with Bartow County local public safety officials. The program runs solely off of donations made by the public, so we encourage you to check out their work here.

Danny Jones and his wife are Santa and Mrs. Claus. The Brave Files Podcast.

Danny's wife first encouraged him to be Santa Claus for their grandchildren, fortunately, he fell in love with it! Now the two of them appear as Santa and Mrs. Claus annually. Actually, she even attends Santa School with her husband every year!

Danny Jones loves being "the real Santa" and is happy to chat with children all year long! The Brave Files Podcast.

When you are the “real” Santa children recognize you all year long. Fortunately, Danny wholeheartedly embraces this role and is always prepared to be recognized as the magic man at any moment.

Danny says that children have a special ability to identify a genuine person. That's why he takes his role as Santa Claus so seriously and he never wants to disappoint the kids!

Santa Claus, a.k.a. Danny Jones shares his greatest moments playing the bearded, jolly fellow on The Brave Files Podcast

During the episode, Danny shares his most treasured moments as Santa Claus, here he is with Kason, the child mentioned.

Special Thanks!

Danny and give special thanks to Misty Dawn Photography and JudithAnn Photography for providing the beautiful photos above.

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