Strength, Dana Pharant on The Brave Files Podcast to talk about owning your inner dominatrix!

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show notes:

Dana Pharant understands her personal strength. And she has created a business that is all about social disruption. Through her work, Dana calls out traditional thought patterns and helps women everywhere embrace themselves in a very unique and, sometimes controversial way. While her company title certainly grabs the attention of many, her work focuses on pushing women out of their comfort zones and challenges their preconceived notions of what strength really is. Brilliantly, her work encourages women to fully accept who they truly are by embracing their inner dominatrix.


Non-Traditional Healing

Sadly, Dana is a survivor of sexual abuse. As unusual as it sounds, Dana discovered the healing power of taking control in a very non-traditional way. It was through experimentation in the dungeon – the world of sexually submissive and dominant role play – that she found comfort. Bravely, Dana uncovered her ability to heal past sexual trauma through crafting altered outcomes to familiar situations. During this time in her life, Dana discovered that owning your power was incredibly beautiful. 


A Professional Dominatrix is Born.

Soon Dana discovered that she could carry her power as a dominatrix through to all aspects of life. Let's be very clear – – Her brand, Inner Dominatrix, is not about sex. It’s about transformation. The process of unleashing this power is energetically charged and works to change years of programming. Dana now works with women to train their brain for action. She educates them to clear self-doubt and step into their power. While the close relation to a sexually charged topic often turns heads, Dana emphasizes the importance of using judgment as motivation for growth.


Sharing her Journey

Dana’s recently released book, The Inner Dominatrix Guide: Becoming a Badass in Business, fully embraces her journey from past to present. It teaches women to take control using their energy instead of force. Additionally, she continues to share her expertise through the Inner Dominatrix Podcast. Dana’s life experiences show us healing comes in many forms and authentic power comes from within.

Strength, Dana Pharant on The Brave Files Podcast to talk about owning your inner dominatrix!
Top Takeaways:
  • Celebrate small things like you’ve won the lottery.
  • You must be willing to receive judgment and use it for growth.
  • Healing comes in many forms.
Giving Is Good!

Dana excitedly supports kiva, a nonprofit focused on connecting people through microlending. First, the organization provides a way for people (anyone who is interested!) to lend funds which, in turn, directly support people working to make a change in their own life. Through this effort, you are able to support those looking for funds in nearly every arena from purchasing livestock to starting a new business.


Lenders choose who to support, and borrowers receive the chance to grow. kiva provides opportunities to people around the world who would otherwise have no access to funds.

Learn more about Dana:

We encourage you to learn more about Dana and her business through her website. You can also connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.


Dana is even offering you a FREE e-copy of her book “Beyond Fear.”

Interested in learning more about how Dana discovered “the dungeon?” Here is a great video where she talks about it.

Dana Pharant, guest on The Brave Files Podcast, talks about strength and owning your inner dominatrix.
Dana Pharant is a guest on The Brave Files Podcast. Become a badass in business!
Dana Pharant The Brave Files Podcast and The Inner Dominatrix Podcast
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