Struggle teaches you things you would otherwise not know about yourself. The Brave Files interview, David Jensen.

Struggle • Perseverance • Mindfulness

show notes:

David Jensen, an artist and designer, was raised to be polite above all else. He was always a “proud and polite Midwesterner,” therefore, he didn’t know what to do when there were struggles or issues he wanted to talk about.


In this episode, David talks about living with and overcoming those struggles. His history with mental health inspired him to share messages of hope, perseverance, and mindfulness with others.


One day, David’s father asked him to design something for his church. As a result of that request, David started Practice Daily. The website talks about the power behind our daily practices. They also sell T-shirts and swag with simple motivational messages. Each of the pieces are David’s signature design.


Practice Daily is a way to share the idea that we must all practice things like courage, kindness, hustle, and adventure on a daily basis. Practicing daily helps to create change in our lives. It also provides an outlet for David to express himself creatively outside of his day job.


David’s story is one of balance — the balance between working hard and playing hard. And it’s the balance between being polite and respectful while also speaking up for yourself. Join us to learn more about David and his mission in this week’s episode.



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David Jensen talks about struggle, mental health and practicing daily
Top Takeaways:
  • Discomfort can be a powerful catalyst for positive change
  • Real change happens over time, not overnight
  • Find a way to use your voice, even if it makes you a little uncomfortable
Giving is Good!

David is an entrepreneur and community advocate. He is proud to support The Gray Matter Experience, an entrepreneurial program for African-American teens in Chicago. 


As a result of his own struggles with mental illness, David also supports Hope For The Day, which provides proactive outreach to prevent suicide. The organization in international, but, if you are in Chicago be sure to check out their one-of-a-kind coffee shop, Sip of Hope. They are the world's first coffee shop where 100% of proceeds support proactive suicide prevention and mental health education. Their staff is even trained to help support someone fighting suicidal thoughts. 

David Jensen enjoys a rich and full life, despite struggles

David enjoys spending time with his young son. He credits his life struggle with giving him understanding and perspective.

David and his family, actively involved in fundraising efforts to support Hope for the Day. The Brave Files Podcast

David and his family are active participants in fundraising for Hope for the Day.

Mini "Practice Daily" cards. Kindness. WIN THESE CARDS. The Brave Files Podcast

Kindness: Practice Daily.

We are showcasing two of Practice Daily's “Mini Cards.” You can WIN a full set of these adorable cards. Listen to the episode to learn how.

Mini "Practice Daily" cards. Growth. WIN THESE CARDS. The Brave Files Podcast

Growth: Practice Daily.

We are showcasing two of Practice Daily's “Mini Cards.” You can WIN a full set of these adorable cards. Listen to the episode to learn how.

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