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show notes:

Sarah Rose Humes learned to be resourceful from a very young age. Her childhood, while full of love, was extremely difficult. Sarah grew up in extreme poverty.  In fact, one night while getting ready to go to sleep she discovered a rat in her bed! Unfortunately, this experience lead Sarah to a lifetime fear of animals.


In this episode, Sarah shares how she learned to grow into bravery despite deep fears and anxiety.  A few years ago, Sarah decided being limited by her fears was no longer acceptable. Fortunately, Sarah brought from her childhood a resilience rarely seen in anyone, especially a child. As a result, she learned to adapt easily and create an environment she was much happier to live in. By adopting the motto “Fear ain’t the boss of me,” Sarah made it clear that she was no longer willing to accept the unacceptable.


This week, Heather talks to Sarah about her loving, but challenging, childhood and the fears she worked hard to overcome. She shares beautiful details of the life she worked so hard to build for herself.


Sarah is the published author of the novel “Transformed.” She wrote the book during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) which we love and are considering taking on ourselves this year!


Sarah brings complete vulnerability and authenticity to The Brave Files and she reminds us that being brave can be about the little things — like going to the dentist, calling Walmart or, in her case, touching a chinchilla.

Sarah Humes, The Brave Files Podcast, living couragelously
Top Takeaways:
  • Being brave looks different for everyone
  • Let the people who love you help you when you need it
  • Humans are complex, and everyone’s struggle is their own
  • Conquering your fear can be exhilarating
Giving Is Good!

In memory of her late father, Sarah supports the National Stroke Association, which aims to reduce the incidence and impact of stroke through education, awareness, and support.

More About Sarah:

Sarah Rose Humes is an optimistic and goal-oriented woman. She is wife to David and mom of two amazing children, Micah and Lydia. Using what she calls “a lot of God and a ton of grit” (and seven years of therapy!) this courageous mama has been set free. Sarah has a message for the world, and she wants to share it with YOU!


She spreads her message of bravery through her business, In-COURAGE Living. And focuses on speaking, writing and coaching. Her family loves to host dinners for friends, and considers hospitality one of their most central gifts. 

This is the life-changing moment when Sarah decided to be in charge of her own life! Here is Sarah petting the chinchilla at the zoo.

Sarah Humes, overcoming lifelong fears

And then, motivated by the beautiful addiction of being brave, Sarah held a rat! Talk about overcoming your fears.

Sarah Humes, The Brave Files, Overcoming anxiety

Sarah now leads a beautiful and fulfilling life with her family.

Sarah Humes, The Brave Files Podcast, Living Intentionally on Purpose

And she even has pets of her own.

Sarah's book, Transformed.

Sarah Humes, Transformed, The Brave Files Podast

Check out the awesome shirt Sarah talks about in the episode.

Fear Ain't The Boss of me T-shirt, The Brave Files Podcast
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