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 Jen Grosshandler is a mother of four. When her last child was born, and the doctor said “It’s boy,” she knew what to expect because she already had three sons. However, almost from the start, her youngest child proved to be different from her other sons. The baby, named Chaz at birth, always gravitated toward things considered feminine. Obviously, something was different with her youngest. Eventually, her child came to her in tears saying, “What if I’m a girl? Because I am!” As a result, Jen and her family instantly began helping Chaz safely and comfortably transition into Chazzie, their daughter and sister. 


Jen is an active participant in her children's lives and a fierce advocate for Chazzie. Through her own experience and education, Jen soon began to realize that stories being told about transgender people were overwhelmingly negative. This didn’t settle well with her and she wanted to change the conversation around these children and their families. Thus The GenderCool Project, which shares positive stories of children who happen to be transgender, was born.


Tune in to hear Jen talk with Heather about the platform she and co-founder Gearah Goldstein have built and how they are helping to empower transgender young people. These kids tell their own stories of success, achievement, and aspirations. Their tagline is “Who we are, not what we are.” Learn more about this positive storytelling effort and how you can become a GenderCool Community Champion.


Also, be sure to check out this awesome article about the GenderCool Project in Rolling Stones Magazine. We love what the GenderCool Project and the Grosslander family are doing to change the conversation around transgender awareness.

Jennifer Grosshandler, GenderCool, parenting a transgender child, advocate, The Brave Files Podcast
Top Takeaways:
  • Children will show us who they truly are if they feel loved and supported
  • Stories can connect us to things outside of our own little bubbles
  • You have to be a good listener before you can help
  • You must be an advocate for your child
Giving Is Good!

The Grosshandler family believes deeply in supporting charity and their community. They are active in an organization called Bear Necessities in honor of friends whose children have been affected by cancer. Bear Necessities is a national organization dedicated to eradicating pediatric cancer.  

Jen and her husband at the Equality Illinois Gala with daughter, Chazzie.

Jennifer and her husband with Chazzie at the Equality Illinois Galas

The Grosshandler family.

The Grosshandler family, transgender daughter, The Brave Files Podcast

Chazzie meets Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanual at the Equality Illinois Gala.

Chazzie meets Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel at the Equality Illinois Gala

The GenderCool Project Champions.

GenderCool Project kids

GenderCool Project founders, Gearah and Jennifer.

Jen and Gearah, funders of the GenderCool Project

The GenderCool Project Champions and team members in NYC to be guests on The View.

The GenderCool Project kids and team members in NYC

WATCH LIVE: As a part ABC News #PrideMonth speaker series, Juju Chang talks to some of the most powerful allies within the LGBTQ community — the families. Join us for a conversation with Jodie Patterson, Mike Evancho, and Jen Grosshandler.

Posted by The View on Wednesday, June 27, 2018
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