International Kendra leads from a place of victory despite her abusive childhood. The Brave Files Podcast.

Driven • Empowered • Resilient

show notes:

In most cases, someone who experienced an abusive childhood and marriage would consider themselves a victim but not Kendra DeLarge! However, she never could have predicted the direction her life would take.


While working toward her goals of becoming a lawyer and a full-figured model Kendra had an opportunity to travel on a mission trip to Malaysia. As a result, this trip would change the course of her life and deeply affect the lives of many others.


Tune in to learn how Kendra went from being a child who always knew she was unwanted and abuse at the hands of men she trusted to establishing International Kendra. The organization is an awareness-raising campaign that helps women and girls in West Africa improve their lives and create positive cultural change.


Overcoming her own hardships and facing the challenges of abuse, abandonment, single parenthood, displacement, and widowhood, have informed her mission to help women and girls, halfway around the world, who face their own challenges.


As a result of always wanting to grow and learn, Kendra authored the book  “The Walk: From Hearing To Knowing” and an empowerment speaker who also works locally in her community of Dallas to encourage and inspire people.

International Kendra joins The Brave Files Podcast to talk about being drive, empowered and resilient.
Top Takeaways:
  • The things we want to accomplish don’t always happen on our timetable
  • Each new generation is an opportunity to stop repeating the mistakes of the previous one
  • Our own hardships can prepare us to guide others through similar experiences
  • We can’t connect with others until we are able to move beyond stereotypes
Giving Is Good!

Our charity of the week and Kendra's favorite organization to support is Hope Cottage.  Hope Cottage Pregnancy and Adoption Center is the oldest nonprofit, non-faith based adoption agency in Dallas and has been serving North Texas since 1918. Over the years, they have compiled an impressive history of personal and compassionate services carried out by a professional, experienced staff and a board committed to community betterment.

More About Kendra:

Kendra is a strategically transparent and audacious empowerment speaker, author, mentor, and missionary. She is the founder of International Kendra, a mission committed to fearlessly crossing ethnic, religious, cultural, and societal barriers to break chains of oppression and brokenness through conferences, social media, and mentoring.


She is the visionary behind The Safe Haven®, an upcoming innovative global initiative to establish transitional shelters for women/girls who are victims of heinous violence due to the imbalances and prejudices in culture and society. In addition, she is the author of “The Walk: From Hearing to Knowing”, a compelling and riveting book about her personal triumphant journey through some of life most difficult, controversial, and taboo challenges.


Three of the top terms that others have used to describe Kendra are: woman of wisdom, a pillar of strength, and a determined spirit. Those are “stripes” that she humbly wears with dignity, from the battle scars that came with them. She has learned through the years to be direct yet empathetic, and a person who does not limit herself to any ‘box’, border, or tradition.


Her travels overseas, along with her personal/professional relationships and exposures, have given Kendra a greater understanding of many world cultures and taught her how to listen and communicate more strategically and effectively with those from diverse backgrounds.


Connect with Kendra and learn more about her passion.



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International Kendra travels to Ghana to help change the lives of women
International Kendra, Breaking Down Barriers, The Brave Files Podcast
International Kendra, public speaker, motivation, empowerment, The Brave Files Podcast
International Kendra getting birthday love from the children she has worked with in Africa
The Walk: From hearing to knowing, Kendra DeLarge, The Brave Files Podcast
Phenomenal, That's Me! Still Standing. Kendra DeLarge, Contributed
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