Transform, Silva Mirzoian joins The Brave Files Podcast to talk about fulfilling your life purpose.

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show notes:

Silva Mirzoian has lived several lives transforming and reinvented herself over and over again. She has triumphed in an extraordinary way, despite the pitfalls in her path.


When she walked out on her abusive husband in the early 1980s, she had no idea how to, once again, jump-start her life. Because she had already been divorced once and had such an adventurous spirit, she was alienated from her traditional Armenian family. But as Silva tells Heather in this episode of The Brave Files, “those so-called coincidences are ways to guide you toward fulfilling your purpose in life.”


As a result of her hard work, Silva transformed her life from one of struggle and uncertainty to success and empowerment. Crediting what she describes as “the genie inside all of us,” Silva has achieved a beautiful and fulfilling life. Tune in now to hear this inspiring story.


Silva's achievements are great, from writing her first book “Jump-Start Your Life – 7 Steps to Waking Up From The ‘Sleep-Walking Mode’,” to being a property developer and entrepreneur. She is also personal coach and speaker whose Passions & Dreams Foundation aims to empower women and children who are at risk.


Silva’s story is inspiring not only because of the hardships she has overcome but because of her eloquent message. She believes that personal transformation is possible for all of us, no matter what challenges we face.

The Genie Inside, The Brave Files Podcast
Top Takeaways:
  • Don’t wait to live the life you want to be living
  • Be ready to step into opportunities when they come along
  • When life throws you a curveball, it may be an opportunity in disguise
Giving Is Good!

Our charity of the week is Aviva, a Los Angeles-based organization offering community mental health services and support for foster children and families.


Furthermore, Silva felt compelled to support young girls on their journey to womanhood so she designed her own doll! The doll is called Silva the Genie because, Silva believes, there is a “genie inside us all.”

Due to her mission, the doll provides encouragement and inspiring messages to young girls. Proceeds support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospitals.

Silva faced a lot of obstacles as a

female general contractor.

Silva faced a lot of sexisim as a female general contractor. Hear her story on The Brave Files Podcast.

Silva has worked hard to overcome the

traditional expectations of her strict Armenian parents.

Silva worked hard to overcome the "traditional" expectations of her strict Armenian parents.

Silva designed the “Silva The Genie Doll” to support and inspire

young women with words of positivity and encouragement.

Silva The Genie Doll, Inspiring and empowering young women. The Brave Files Podcast.

Click through to watch Silva's YouTube show,

The Power of Feminity.

Transform, empower - Silva has a YouTube show called "The Power of Femininity
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