Casee Marie Clow joins The Brave Files Podcast to talk about over coming sever anxiety after being housebound for a decade.

Compassion • Courage • Creativity

show notes:

Casee Marie Clow spent nearly a decade housebound due to severe anxiety. But when you grow up with anxiety like this, fears and worries become your truth. Sadly, as a child, she was even reprimanded in school for a panic attack because her teacher thought she was acting out.


In her early years, Casee was not even aware that she struggled with something beyond normal shyness. Eventually, by her early 20s, Casee found it nearly impossible to leave her home. Her fears about what could go wrong we so strong they completely owned her.


In this episode of The Brave Files, we explore Casee's journey from darkness into light. With the help of therapy and medication, Casee has found new truths about herself. Now a teacher through her writing, and public speaking she is helping others conquer their own fears. Tune in to hear what famous author empowered Casee with the courage to seek help, and how she learned to show compassion for herself.


Casee is a motivational writer and artist. She is now able to move freely throughout the world and inspires others to do the same. Read some of Casee's work through her online journal Hope & Harbor. She writes to encourage a deeper relationship with compassion and vulnerability. She is also a writer for The Perpetual You where she wrote Own Your Story: A Conversation About Forgiveness, Healing, Growth & Strength.


If you are in Connicuit, you can participate in Casee's “Getting Over Stage Fright workshop” from In The Spotlight, where she shared her anxiety journey. Connect with Casee on Instagram at @hopeandharbor.


Below we have featured two beautiful poems that Casee has turned into prints. You can purchase these and other works here.

Holding up the light, Housebound with anxiety for over a decade, Casee Marie Clow shares her story on The Brave Files Podcast
Top Takeaways:
  • Giving voice to your fears can help them lose their power
  • Anxiety can look, sound, and feel like a lot of different things
  • Showing yourself compassion can help you start to heal
Giving Is Good!

Casee credit much of her healing and ability to live alone to her foster pup, Blaze.


This week, The Brave Files supports Furry Friends Foster and Rescue who continues to help Casee provide a home for Blaze.


We are also giving some love to Saving Paws. They are the ones who first rescued Blaze after she was abandoned by her original owners

Casee and her foster pup, Blaze.

Casee credits her foster pup, Blaze with helping her overcome anxiety and live freely on her own. The Brave Files Podcast.

After a decade housebound from crippling anxiety and fear, Casee walks on the beach, a person free from her own mind.

Casee on the beach overcoming fear and anxiety. The Brave Files Podcast.

Casee has turned her healing into art. You can purchase this beautiful art print here.

“I shall go on dancing.” Beautiful poetry and art work by Casee.

Casee, I shall go on dancing, art print, healing. The Brave Files Podcast.
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