Lost Format, a socially conscious clothing company joins The Brave Files Podcast

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show notes:

How do you live a socially conscious life? 


There is no doubt that homelessness is a systematic issue. While discussing the issue Chad Husar and Ernie Berlin’s realized that sitting on the sidelines was no longer acceptable to them. Chad, a talented photographer, and designer and Ernie an entrepreneur, marketing, and tech wiz knew something had to be done to create change in their community. They even have hopes of inspiring change throughout the nation.


This conversation was the launching pad for what is now Lost Format Apparel — a stylish clothing company with a serious social mission – came about! The two friends joinThe Brave Files to talk about forming the company, the importance of a strong support system, and the need to address the problems that are right in front of our faces. They even talk about the design influences of the 1980s and the gifts that come from loving what you do


Both Chad and Ernie have chosen to devote themselves to Lost Format Apparel in addition to their own careers. They are passionate about their mission of helping others to overcome the barriers that homelessness can create.


Through the support of their customers and partnerships, Chad and Ernie hope to grow Lost Format into a company that can provide more than just financial support and awareness. Their dream is to employ the homeless and providing jobs and services for them. Tune in to this episode to find out more about how you can help, and to hear Heather’s challenge to her listeners to get involved in your own community.

Founders of Lost Format, Chad and Ernie, are guests on The Brave Files Podcast to talk about the importance of being socially conscious
Top Takeaways:
  • You can make a big impact by starting with the things you see right in front of you. Pay attention
  • Hard work is easier when you’re working toward a meaningful goal
  • If you want to know how to help someone, ask — and listen
  • Friends and family can be a precious resource
Giving Is Good!

Chad and Ernie work with La Casa Norte in Chicago, an organization that works to support homeless people with housing, social services and more.

Lost Format and The Brave Files Podcast Partner up:

You can now support the mission of Lost Format and show your courageous and brave side with one of our custom t-shirts.

Order yours today!

Lost Format's Mission

Over half a million Americans are living without shelter, and millions more without consistent access to everyday basics – hygiene products, clothes, personal care, and more. Meanwhile, so many companies thrive with unfathomable profits, without enough consideration for the folks right outside their doors that could really use some help.


We can do better.  We believe you can have a great company and help your neighbors at the same time.  We believe that consumers can be a direct part of the solution.  Our mission is to provide a model in which our customers can effortlessly do their part to help homelessness in their community while showing other companies that it’s possible to both make a profit and a tangible difference for our communities.


Sustainably Sourced Justice

When Lost Format decided to make socially conscious clothing, they decided to go all in.  That’s why over 80% of their inventory is made with sustainable materials and processes, from factories all over the world that are committed to fair and safe workplace conditions.  It’s well worth the investment – justice is timeless and goes beyond our own borders.


Lost Format's Vision + Values


Justice and kindness.  Lost Format promotes a business approach in which giving back is as easy as it is fun.  We hope that our unique model encourages companies to follow our lead, creating a chain reaction of positive change.


Empowerment for all. Committed to putting people over profit, every purchase you make gives a homeless neighbor an essential they need and helps us grow our scope of services, including employment opportunities, case management, and advocacy efforts.


Soft, sustainable, and superior. We love our Earth, so we strive to find the softest sustainably-sourced material to make the highest quality, most comfortable clothes possible.


Creative uniqueness and fun. Because otherwise, life can be a drag.

Lost Format goes camping!

Lost Format founders, Chad and Ernie, go on a camping trip

With every purchase, Lost format gives back.

The Lost Format Studio pays homage to all forms of “lost format.”

Lost format offices are an homage to all types of "lost formats"

Chad and Ernie love to have a good time!

Chad and Ernie from Lost Format, love to have a good time!

Here are just a few items available from Lost Format.

Jus ta few items available from Lost Format

Behind the scene's look at a photo shoot for Lost Format.

Behind the scenes look at preparing for the Lost Format website
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