Kimberly Richards joins The Brave Files Podcast to talk about growing through mistakes.

Tenacity • Perserverence • Confidence

show notes:

When Kimberly Carson-Richards became a mother at age 14, she had no idea that raising her son would motivate her in unimaginable ways. Being a teenage mother forced Kimberly to be brave out of necessity and to pursue not only her own success but help others achieve success as well. She always believed in herself, even when others doubted her, and she stayed focused on her goals. Finally, Kimberly has achieved her dreams of building a better life.


Raising a child when she was still just a child herself wasn't easy but Kimberly was determined to finish high school, get her college degree and support herself as a young, single mom. Herself the child of a teen mother, Kimberly was determined to learn from not only her own mistakes but also her mother’s.


Kimberly met and married the love of her life, Regan and is now a mother of two. Recently she embarked on a new adventure as an entrepreneur after two decades in the traditional workforce. After a “soul session” with Stephane Hassein, Kimberly discovered a new path for herself and created Forward Momentum Coaching. Through her work as a coach, Kimberly has found new ways to help women create change in their lives. Both Kimberly and her clients feel happier and experience success.


And what of that little boy born to a 14-year-old girl? He is now one of the youngest members of the Alberta Provincial Legislature. How’s that for building a successful life?!

Our mistakes don't define us, just ask Kimberly Richards a guest on The Brave Files Podcast with Heather Vickery
Top Takeaways:
  • Staying focused on your goals can help you during tough times
  • You get to choose whose judgment matters to you
  • Let your core values guide you through life’s big decisions
  • Your story is your own, and it may inspire someone else
Giving Is Good!

Kimberly is a big supporter of Habitat for Humanity an organization that helps construct affordable housing for low-income families. Please give them some love this week!

More About Kimberly:

Kimberly Carson-Richards is the founder of Forward Momentum Coaching Solutions. As a certified life & business coach, she shows women entrepreneurs how to overcome fear and self-doubt, so they can take their business and life to the next level.


Ms. Carson-Richards story of resiliency and courage started when she became a mother at the age of 14. In 2017, after spending 20 years following a vertical career path in retail, she felt a need to help inspire other women to find their own courageous path and so she left her corporate career behind.


Her upcoming projects include publishing a short story in a compilation book about living a courageous life.

Kimberly Ricahrds, age 15, with her one year old son
Kimberly and her son have always had a wonderful time together.
Kimberly talks with Heather Vickery about starting a fresh live with her son and daughter on The Brave Files Podcast
Kimberly is happily married to the love of her life, Regan
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