What If Women Acted Like Men

Amy - President of WeMAD
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The Brave Files
What If Women Acted Like Men

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The Brave Files
The Brave Files
What If Women Acted Like Men

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There’s nothing quite like a TikTok creator crush and are host, Heather, has a big one on today’s guest … Amy, the brilliant mind behind WEMAD – Women Making All Decisions. Her TikTok videos take on intense and powerful topics related to women's rights and equality but in the most hilarious and approachable way possible.

After unexpectedly going viral in March of 2021, Amy’s platform exploded into a world of possibilities. With her brilliant mind and her wicked sense of humor, Amy puts herself out there with no apologies and it’s so refreshing to see how the world is responding. 

Amy says she went from angry to unsure to empowered!

From just playing around on TikTok to being an incredibly well-known creator with a thriving merch line and an excellent non-profit business opportunity – Amy (whose last name we’re not sharing to protect the privacy of her family) tells us how she got here, what the process has been like and what her dreams for the future may include.

Do yourself a favor and follow Amy on TikTokInstagram, and YouTube right now! You don’t want to miss a moment of her content. Plus she has the best laugh on the internet!

And grab your WEMAD merch today – including some fantastic, new, PRIDE pieces!

Amy Supports Equality Now, an international human rights organization using the law to protect and promote the rights of women and girls around the world since 1992.

Top Takeaways:

  • Use your skills no matter what they are
  • Humor allows people to see truth.
  • Build a community and people will stick with you.
  • Start creating for the sake of creating – not to change anyone's mind.
  • When you “go viral” on social media you can open some amazing doors
  • Laughter is so healthy and it’s an unexpected way into people's hearts and minds. Humor can change the world!
  • Follow your gut and try the damn thing!
  • Having some fun is Brave AF!

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