What Do I Need To Put Down?

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The Brave Files
What Do I Need To Put Down?

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The Brave Files
The Brave Files
What Do I Need To Put Down?

Broken • Process • Healing

Erin Dihel often found herself angry and frustrated as a kid because she lacked a tremendous amount of control over her life … Enter the idea that making peace with others (and then, consequently with herself) WAS within her control! Erin has a creative approach to making peace, finding creative ways to make things work, and how to enhance the human experience.

  • Erin moved a lot due to her father’s job
  • Felt big feelings, got really angry and took it out on her mom
  • People pleasing is a form of manipulation 
  • Humor was a way to connect but also a way to disassociate
  • Humor was a way to be seen
  • The process of healing takes a long time
  • When Erin gets tense she asks herself “What do I need to put down? This is too heavy.”
  • Every odd job and experience taught me something that lead to what I am doing right now. There’s always a lesson.
  • Erin piloted an improv leadership program for United Airlines and that launched her business.
  • The “great pause” was the first time Erin ever rested. It was a mess but also a gift.
  • Even when business is slow – stay top of mind so you can be top of mind when people are ready.
  • When a group of people take off their invisible masks and allow themselves to play, connect and be vulnerable it changes the world.
  • It’s all about enhancing the human experience.
  • Celebration: No Risk, No Champagne 
  • CHARITY: Girl Forward and Girls Rock!
  • Listen to The Improve It Podcast!
  • Find her on Instagram or her website.
  • BOOK RECOMMENDATION: “When the body says no”


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