Bunmi Aboaba: Unlocking Your Potential Here and Now

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The Brave Files
Bunmi Aboaba: Unlocking Your Potential Here and Now

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The Brave Files
The Brave Files
Bunmi Aboaba: Unlocking Your Potential Here and Now

Blessed • Vulnerable • Free

In 2008, after twenty years of self-sabotage and playing Russian Roulette with her health, Bunmi Abo-aba finally reached burnout. Since the mask fell, she has worked tirelessly, plotting a path to her recovery and making her fair share of mistakes. But Bunmi is truly a phoenix who has risen from those ashes more than once. Today she’s beaten both food and alcohol addiction and overcome traumas, divorce, and triggers and now leads a beautiful, healthy, and full life. 
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Episode Takeaways:

  • Dr. Bunmi is a dentist who was raised to be a full-on perfectionist. 
  • “I love you” didn’t accompany anything less than perfect.
  • She discovered alcohol at age 12.
  • Alcohol made her feel confident and raised her self-esteem. She said it was her new best friend.
  • Food is a comfort for so many people especially those who lack love. 
  • Russian Roulette was essentially throwing caution to the wind and continuing on a dangerous path of unhealthy life choices.
  • By 2008 Bunmi was sick and tired of the consequences of her “Russian Roulette.”
  • Culturally “strong Black women” don’t trust the outside world and don’t ask for help.
  • Eventually, Bunmi had to embrace vulnerability to fully break down in order to rebuild.
  • Accepting help and being honest reminds us that we are not alone.
  • Bunmi says she’s in recovery rather than recovered because it’s always a work in progress.
  • After she began recovery it was time to, finally, get to know herself.
  • Next up was her spiritual journey. After the first session with a Shaman Bunmi finally felt supported.
  • Feeling supported brought massive curiosity and an eventual complete life shift.
  • Forgiving herself has been a serious part of her healing journey.
  • As a parent, Bunmi tries to be the guide and love them without extreme discipline. 
  • Recovery gave her freedom and bravery – she was able to see choices and try new things.
  • She is now a recovery coach that helps others move through their own, painful, journey.
  • Future Life Progression: Finding your best future self while in recovery.
  • Gratitude is Bunmi’s favorite way to celebrate but also connecting with friends and family. She also loves to buy herself a new crystal when she’s celebrating – that anchors her to a specific event.
  • Charity: Water Aid – water is life!

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