Turning The Tables: Practicing What I Preach

Pamela Stamper
The Brave Files
The Brave Files
Turning The Tables: Practicing What I Preach

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The Brave Files
The Brave Files
Turning The Tables: Practicing What I Preach


This month The Brave Files Podcast is dedicated to amplifying and sharing Queer voices and to kick the month off we’ve turned the tables on our host, Heather Vickery!

This week fellow podcaster and friend, Pamela Stamper, interviews Heather about how she lives brave in action, how she actually practices what she preaches, and does all of the things that she coaches others to do. Hopefully, the episode will give you a front-row seat to the inner workings of Heather’s life and business. 


  • Flipping the script often gives others an opportunity to step into their own Brave
  • Were all students at something. The learning never stops. Get comfortable with it!
  • Heather requires practicing The BRAVE Method in her life to avoid living in a catatonic state where all she does is read and watch TikTok videos. The shit really works, folks!
  • It’s important to spend time with folks who are achieving what you want to achieve. Put yourself in that badass energy field.
  • If there is something you desire or are seeking, chances are good that someone else desires it also. We teach what we most need to learn.
  • Slow down, you’ll get there. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Powerful manifesting is all about calling in “this or better.”
  • You get out of things only as much as you are willing to put into them.
  • Trust that the best you can do is the best you can do and it IS enough!
  • Learn to trust your body and listen to it!

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